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パルミア Parumia
You see the great city of Palmia. Entire city is surrounded by tall wall.
Region North Tyris
Location (53,24)
Music mcTown4
Filename palmia.map

Palmia as it appears in the map editor.


Located conveniently in the center of North Tyris, lies the capitol of Elona, Palmia. Just north of Palmia is The Embassy, and just a bit further north the Truce Ground.


  • Blacksmith
  • Magic Vendor
  • Goods Vendor
  • General Vendor
  • Innkeeper
  • Baker
  • Trader


  • Informer
  • Trainer
  • Identifier
  • Bartender
  • Healer
  • Altar
  • Casino
  • Arena Master

What's Unique?[]

Notable NPC's[]

Elona Mobile[]

What's unique in Mobile?[]

  • Dungeon: underground castle (level 6-10)
  • See also Town Achievements for town specific quests.
  • Talk to rare, random 'noble' NPCs for a chance to go to the material gathering dungeon, Empty Warehouse.

Usable Equipment[]

Elona Mobile NPC's[]

  • <Conery> Palmian major general - The general is located in the throne room, and gives you the "Minotaur king" quest and "Graveyard Theft" quest.
  • Coy <Mia> the cat freak - Mia is located in a house south of the northern general shop in Palmia. She gives you the "Mia's Dream" quest, where she asks you to get her a silver cat.
  • <Abby> the elder -
  • <Jaidee> the nobleman - Gives "Abandoned Arena" quest.
  • <Lillard> the cemetery watchman - Part of the "Little Girl's Ghost" quest.
  • <Titus> the legend lover -
  • <Connie> the actress - Tries to blackmail you.
  • <Hoffman Timothy> the Arena master -
  • <Mengmeng> the hobo - Gives "What's a Computer" quest.
  • <Lilov> the millionaire -
  • Mysterious Eastern Lady <Fubuki>- Part of "May" quest. Gives "Etiquette Mastery" quest.
  • <Joy> the Architect - sells Commercial Street Deed.
  • <Tylor> the Philanthropist - Give "Philanthropi's Revenge" quest.

Side Quests in Mobile[]

See Quests (mobile) page for details.

  • Quest “Investigate Port Kapul”
  • Quest “Philanthropist's revenge”
  • Quest “Three stones”
  • Quest “Bonus story”
  • Quest "Graveyard Theft"
  • Quest "Etiquette Mastery" - Can enter x2 per day.
    1. Talk to Mysterious Eastern Lady <Fubuki> In Palmia.
    2. Chose one of 5 chambers (Remove all allies first).
    3. You will be presented with a social situation, if you are impolite or break more than two rules of etiquette you lose that round. You get 2 tries a day.
    4. Keep in mind this is Japanese etiquette and may differ from your own culture's customs.
    5. See Etiquette Mastery page for walkthrough (spoilers).