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Pael and her mom
Quest giver Lonely <Pael>
Location Noyel
Rec. level 20
Requirements None
Task Give Pael potions of cure corruption every so often.
Reward Happy Apple, 20,000 Gold, 4 Platinum coins

Pael and her mom Lv20

From: Lonely <Pael>, N house Noyel

Reward: Happy Apple, 20,000 Gold, 4 Platinum coins

Task: You need to give potions of cure corruption to Pael every so often. You will receive a notice when you need to check on Pael's mom <Lily>; you can also check in your journal under the quest section to see if you need to check on her. After the fifth potion, talking to Pael will not make any progress. Talk to her mother next time her condition changes to receive the reward and complete the quest.

After receiving the reward, Pael's mother will ask you to help her commit suicide. If you decide to slay her, you will be rewarded with some equipment and more coins. Pael will attack you, but if you exit town and return she will have calmed down. Killing Pael has no effect other than a karma hit; she respawns after a couple of days. You can also decide to give Pael's mother more potions of cure corruption, with each potion you give her giving you +20 Karma, or sell her to Moyer the Crooked for 50,000 gold, at the cost of -20 Karma.


In Elona+, should you continue to bring Pael's mom Lily potions of cure corruption after completing the quest, her ether disease will eventually stop progressing and she will no longer wish to die. Once this happens, she will no longer accept more potions (and by extension, you will no longer be able to receive the karma gain associated with it).

Elona+ Exclusive Dialog[]

Speaker Text
Pael 奇跡が起きたってお医者さんが言ってたの。もう、おかあさんの病気は大丈夫だって…!きっと<player>さんが助けてくれたおかげだよね、ありがとう<player>さん!穴好き!
Pael's Mom 最近、なんだか身体の調子が良いの。なぜかしら?薬を飲まなくても痛みがほとんどしなくって。…時期は本当に苦しくて、死んでしまいたいと本気で考えていました。でもそうしたらあの子はまた心を閉ざしてしまう…。この姿はもう戻らないだろうけれど、強く生きていこうと思います。<player>さん、今まで本当にありがとう…。

Speaker Text
Pael The doctor says it's a miracle. My mommy's sickness is going to be okay now...! I know it has to be because of all your help, <player>! Thanks! You're the best!
Pael's Mom Somehow my body has been doing okay recently. I wonder what happened? Even if I don't take my medicine, there's barely any pain at all. It used to be incredibly painful, and I seriously felt like I wanted to die. But if that happened, Pael's heart would close off again... My body will never return to normal, but I intend to keep living. I'm truly thankful for everything you've done for me, <player>...