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Types of Orc[]


A low level encounter. This beast does more damage than the other low level encounters, such as putits, but they shouldn't give anybody any trouble.

Orc Warrior[]

A higher form of the normal Orc. When you first encounter these, they can actually put out some damage, and their health is rather high. Don't let them fool you into thinking that they're pushovers like their lesser cousins, or you might end up taking a trip back to your home.

<Goda> the Orc Captain[]

Goda shows up at random as a low-to-mid level encounter in Elona Normal. He is somewhat stronger than a regular Orc, but not nearly as strong as an Orc Warrior. Goda will always drop a figure and card of himself and counts as a named monster for purposes of Museum Rank. Once Goda is killed, you will never encounter him again. In Elona+, Goda is a much tougher adversary and will spawn at least lvl 25+. Comes with the Temper bit.