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Version 2015/6/20 19:10 (06/20/2015)

Omake is an Elona variant based on Elona 1.22. It adds quite a bit of content to the game, but a lot of it has to do with younger sisters.

Other than younger sisters, prominent features include increased customizability of NPCs' spoken lines, pet crafting, and being able to create your own town with the deed of dungeon complete with its own citizens.

Save files are probably compatible with vanilla Elona, but please make a backup of save files before using them with this variant. To play, just drag the elona_omake.exe into the Elona 1.22 directory and run it. (Please also make sure that sqlite3.dll is in the same directory.) The new features and items added in omake are supposed to not crash the game when an omake save file is used in vanilla Elona.

There is also an unofficial server for this variant that allows for alias voting and omake-only showroom hosting.

List of changes (English)[]

Please copy the contents of elona_omake into a fresh elona1.22 folder and run the elona_omake.exe. I think the saves are compatible with elona1.22, but back up your saves just in case, Onii-chan!

201339 postscript. Please also put sqlite3.dll in the same place.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed casino display.
  • Changed drop chance of potion of cure corruption based on multiple wins in casino.
  • Fixed Secret Treasure of Opatos not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed Mind of Eye skill raised from enchanted items not adding to critical hit chance.
  • Fixed bug where materials gained from high level Nefia will always be garbage.
  • Fixed not being able to get animal related materials.
  • Fixed difficulty of lockpicking acting odd for objects that have already been lockpicked.
  • Fixed lighting distance from light source being 1 tile off at north and south with respect to east and west.
  • Fixed thief guildmaster level staying at default value when fame is below 1000.
  • Fixed recipe window going slightly out of alignment when changing game screen resolution.
  • Fixed bullets deviating in vertical direction when changing game screen resolution.
  • Fixed the 'z' ring command appearing in an odd location when changing game screen resolution.
  • Fixed targets appearing from 1 displaying location of alphabets in deviated position when changing game screen resolution.
  • Fixed *Victory* sign deviating to upper left when changing game screen resolution.
  • Changed variable obvjlv to objlv.
  • Fixed pets and adventurers to not push away each other.
  • Made it so growth does not occur when eating equipment with the maintains luck attribute.
  • Fixed "Let's talk" option not appearing when god pets and few others achieve friend status.
  • Fixed issue where for furnitures with already changed material changing its material again did not work well in reflecting correct prices.
  • Fixed garbage from appearing at stats with number 1 listed on bottom screen if it reaches 4 digits.
  • Fixed body weight never decreasing after it has reached the highest limit.
  • Fixed elements from extra attacks not initializing.
  • Changed to prevent gathering from wells with an empty bottle when carrying at max item capacity.
  • Ditto for using natural potion recipe.
  • Fixed effects of Magic Control extending to hostile vs. neutral fight.
  • Changed swarm to only hit NPCs the character is hostile to.
  • Fixed enemy skill cheer affecting everyone within vicinity.
  • Fixed time spent on screen disappearing to be the same length as NPC if player character dies.
  • Additionally, fixed situation where spotlight would remain in bottom 1/3 of the screen.
  • Fixed not being able to get out of the dungeon due to dying before exiting your home for 1st time on new game.
  • Fixed pets from encountering enemies out of their vision in large field areas such as a banquet hall.
  • Fixed bug with random artifact increasing when trading static artifact from an adventurer.
  • Fixed any walls being able to be dug in 1 turn (including those outside of your home) during mining tutorial.
  • Fixed mcLastBoss not appearing during last boss fight.
  • In addition, changed music to mcChaos after last boss is killed.
  • Fixed performtips being set to 0 when NPCs are performing.
  • Fixed nerve resist of eyeball type enemies to work at their proper values.
  • Fixed monsters having no resistances when summoned at level 1 skill.
  • Fixed gold gained from drinking wells to add to the total amount instead of overwriting it.
  • Fixed Nefia boss usually dropping 205 gold pieces when defeated.
  • Fixed thief guildmaster sometimes dropping different quantity of items then expected on defeat.
  • Fixed Mani's decomposition skill (For enemies at near death and not from trap disarm) message display acting oddly when used.
  • Fixed bug when pickpocketing, if the target being pickpocketed has prevent teleport enchant, the pickpocketer will also have prevent teleport enchant applied.
  • Fixed hand of weakening calculation acting oddly.
  • Fixed quantity of item dropped when wishing due to incorrect item order.
  • Fixed store's safe from overwriting items when at max capacity.
  • Fixed CNPC %txt not having any effect when written right before %endTxt.
  • Fixed summoning type skills from going into an infinite loop based on circumstances.
  • Fixed soil tile not working properly.
  • Fixed Garok's hammer cancel message displaying "This item leaves no room for improvement."
  • Fixed calcspellpower giving out strange values.
  • Fixed quest reward where hammer color did not match with its material.
  • Fixed items made with skills having no stocks.
  • Fixed gained experience from sleeping from overflowing.
  • Fixed enchanted effects lingering on after killing an adventurer and taking their equipment.
  • Fixed experience values from overflowing when an adventurer completes a quest.
  • Fixed where under certain circumstances strange behavior with body parts can be seen on certain monsters.
  • Fixed gdata(3) value fluctuation sometimes going out of its range.
  • Fixed landmines laid by pet not hitting enemies.
  • Fixed typo which prevented blind status from being lengthened.
  • Fixed typo which caused ranged weapon hit modifier to not be included in calculation.
  • Fixed bug where NPC becomes hungry, drinks from a generated empty bottle, and freezes in place.
  • Fixed item not recalculating its weight when identified item on the ground is picked up and there is already a same item in inventory.
  • Fixed guests disappearing when moving to new home.
  • Fixed bug where after using ally scroll or diaries summoning their respective pets at any location besides Void, when entering Void there will be only one monster that did not receive Void level modifier.
  • Fixed Apocalypse not appearing.
  • Fixed issue where if there are .npc files in user folder, after using summoning stone CNPC level would not display correctly on the list.
  • Fixed cargo item weight from possibly going into overflow.
  • Fixed typo which caused flag to not turn off when a pet causes Ragnarok.
  • Fixed player character automatically moving to set guest chair even if my chair has not been set when the next visitor comes.
  • Fixed portion of light effect with white line from top appearing in large maps such as dungeons when entering repeatedly while facing the y direction.
  • Fixed F11 character sheet command not displaying a certain part in its output.
  • When player character wears ether equipment, fixed pets from displaying "His (Her) ether disease grows fast" under feats and traits.
  • Fixed pets from displaying available feats under feats and traits section if player character is also eligible for picking a feat.
  • Fixed attributes being applied to completely unrelated characters under feats and traits.
  • Fixed possibility of completely unrelated CNPC to be assigned another CNPC bit from happening.
  • Fixed instance where item No.0 would display item being in use if prostitutes are present on map.
  • Fixed skills such as swarm when killing multiple characters from possibly dropping the same items.
  • Fixed bug if adventurer was created while player character is in the Void, said adventurer would receive level modifier from Void.
  • Fixed flag issue regarding I want it! quests when stealing quest item with the backpack full fails the quest but quest item remains on the target while flag is turned off.
  • Fixed being able to take items from poppy with G key during escort quest.
  • Fixed Informers listing poppy in ally list when prompted from investigation during escort quest.
  • Fixed bug where in party quests, during score calculation a variable will be overwritten.
  • Fixed situations where returned cut damage is calculated from the source if weapon enchantments which casts bolt or ball type spells occur.
  • Fixed failure rate of pickpocket calculation acting strangely.
  • Fixed bug where Garok's hammer would apply quality modifier first before applying quality.
  • Disabled ability to give NPC treasure maps and deeds due to them reading these materials for very extended amount of time.
  • Fixed buff and debuff icons from flickering during auto turn.
  • Fixed crash occurring if ball animation happens inside screen and outside map at the same time.
  • Fixed amount of blood spray from attacks being applied before damage calculation is considered.
  • Fixed message starting with "You You're" from displaying when eating items with maintain attribute and gaining stats at the same time.
  • Fixed issue where character category filter for static dungeons such as The Tower of Fire did not function properly.
  • Fixed experience loss from hitting cube type splitting enemies due to the enemies not being entered.
  • Fixed quality and such not resetting when treasure ball is generated from treasure machine.
  • Fixed item quality and such not resetting when creating an item soon as small medal is discovered.
  • Fixed places where it was possible store integer values higher than 32768 from rnd in HSP's normal instructions.
  • From this upper limit of random number is effectively gone with the new limit at 50,000.
  • Fixed bug where dungeon floor modifier and Void modifier is applied simultaneously resulting in bosses with ridiculously high levels.
  • Fixed not being able to hire shopkeepers that has the same name as the shopkeeper that was fired.
  • Fixed several places where overflow could possibly occur.
  • Fixed bug if during confused status a spell is cast and succeeds, the target is applied to the caster.
  • Fixed program from crashing when any character with unit ID greater than 215 uses landmines.
  • At any rate this was dealt with treating all values above 215 on the 6th parameter in cell_featset command the same as -1.
  • Changed to only have race name be displayed when talking to arena master since previously talking would bring up the full name (such as silver eyed witch Clare) but would have a different name when moved to arena.
  • Fixed bug where minimap becomes transparent if picture used by minimap RGB is 0, 0, 0 causing map directly behind the minimap to be seen.
  • Disabled * key auto targeting function due to a bug when targeted character dies but the target cannot be removed.
  • For characters being ridden, if they use "Close in" skill that character will create a double body. This is fixed by not allowing use of "Close in" skill if being rode on.
  • Fixed bug when giving NPC consumable item and stealing it back causing item count with value lower than 0 to keep on disappearing.
  • Fixed the 1st exploding bullet not exploding during extra attacks.
  • Since it is possible to increase number of waiting guests beyond max limit by talking to maid during time stop, changed so that it is not possible to meet guests during time stop.
  • Fixed decimal points not displaying when attack multiplier is above 100.
  • Fixed displace message from appearing for characters being ridden despite not having displaced anything.
  • Fixed god's message from appearing when an enemy is killed by anything else besides the player character.
  • Fixed typo which caused error log to not output correctly.
  • Fixed CNPC not becoming stronger in Void.
  • Fixed bug when equipping puff puff bread and picking up an item, said item will become equipped.
  • Fixed program from crashing when player character gains berserk status.
  • Fixed resurrection time not being set for adventurers crushed to death.
  • Fixed damage not being reduced from using rapid ammo when ranged extra attacks occur.
  • Fixed bug where preserved foods are applied expiration date just like all other normal foods soon as it is bought.
  • Fixed bug when map feat (such as being in the middle of gardening) is placed on top of stair tile, out of ordinary floor number for next floor is produced.
  • Fixed a situation where if staircase is climbed while going out of my home at the same turn, map change through staircase receives priority.
  • Fixed typo on obvisou to obvious. It appears this may affect NPC using rod of alchemy or gem stone of Mani but this sort of situation will probably not occur so this fix should have no real effect.
  • Fixed pets gaining experience from traveling despite staying at home.
  • Fixed quest rewards from dropping if jumping directly to quest giver from quest board and the quest giver dies of trap placed on their tile.
  • Fixed portion of log becoming transparent if transparency for past messages is enabled.
  • Fixed message not displaying as intended when returning from quest failure on the quest map.
  • Fixed burdened status not being applied on both or one of the rider and ridden for calculating riding speed.
  • Fixed all classes not displaying during character creation when over 20 classes are present.
  • Fixed F11 character sheet command not displaying full name of god if longer then 32 characters.
  • Fixed skills in ability list not being sorted based on player stats.
  • Fixed gold, platinum, and other bonuses from being fixed when creating a gene.
  • Originally it appears transferring stats and such was also planned to be transferred.
  • Fixed bug if NPC took action -3 (standing close by), it will attack its target using both close and range attacks as if distance between them is 1.
  • Fixed NPC sometimes not coming to save the player character from choking to death on mochi if they have been taught to speak a phrase.
  • Fixed relationbetween function not correctly working.
  • The fix has an effect on the following.
  • After target is defeated by repeated spell ability (casters such as Exile), if there are other enemies remaining spells will go towards them.
  • If NPC moves into a tile hostile character is standing on they will attack instead.
  • Fixed text color in recipe bestowing bless/curse effect on certain items due to designated list colors when selecting from recipe is incorrect.
  • Fixed Lomias not saying his script during tutorial when chasing him out of your home if Larnneire is dead.
  • Fixed bug where earlier god items can not be retrieved if faith value surpasses limit based on faith skill.
  • Fixed issue where after giving a gift, item menu window would be stuck at pet's held items.
  • Fixed output of F11 character sheet command always displaying insanity value as 0.

About pet system

  • Pets being ridden won't eat food that's on the ground or drink from wells.
  • Pets being ridden won't eat food that's in their inventory.
  • Pets won't eat kagami mochi or any precious food that is on the ground.
  • Pets can now zombie meat
  • Pets equipped with equipment that has It allows you to digest rotten food. now gain experience as if the food was not rotten.
  • You can have a little tail t'nigh with pets that you have over 100 impress with (friend+). No money will be exchanged in this case.
  • You can give instruments (or furniture in general) to pet bards.
  • You won't become sick from having a little tail t'night with your pet.
  • When hungry pets will automatically eat food from their inventory.
  • When pets are training skill potentials in town they will no longer continue to spend money after everything has reached 400%.
  • When a pets skills have reached 400% it will display a message to that effect.
  • Using a card on an android will change it's AI to that of the card's monster. However only the AI changes, resistances etc. remain the same.
  • When visiting the training center, pets holding a 'learning letter' for a specific skill have a higher probability of training that skill. (Holding multiple 'learning letters' does nothing).
  • If something starts a fight with your pet but not you your pet will now fight back automatically.
  • The pet training fee now depends on the pet's negotiation skill. Also when pets sell items the pet's negotiation skill is taken into account.
  • Changing pet's strategies has been simplified.
  • 'I'nteract with target pet Choose decide strategy
  • Also, if you interact with yourself You can change the strategy of all pets on the spot with command all
  • Attack behavior
  • Lets go all-out If enemies are present in range of your pets and in your view, attack those enemies.
  • Attack the enemies near you Waits till the enemies get a bit closer to you than with Lets go all-out (When it is troubled that pet is thrusting too much)
  • Protect your master Pets target enemies near you
  • Do nothing Pets don't attack, (When you want an enemy to hang in a sandbag or an enemy you want to catch with a monster ball)
  • Attack freely Choose attack targets as usual
  • If you keep pets with recovery potions in their inventory, pets will use it automatically when they are dying.
  • Pets can stay in the dungeon of a home or player property without using a pet frame. Caution, If you dismiss them,they will disappear.
  • You can let a pet leave as an adventurer.If you choose Take a trip, the current adventurer retires at random and pets enter that frame. After that, pets act as a perfect adventurer so pets will acquire and retire items arbitrarily. If you want to make pets who became adventure again as a friend, please follow the same steps as regular adventurers.
  • You can use pet skill bonus.
  • If you give a potion of cure corruption to Lily when she's your pet her face will revert back.
  • If you use a leash on yourself it will pull all of your pets towards you regardless of if they've been leashed before the action.
  • You can replace pet's character chips individually.
  • Interfere with target pet change clothes
  • Since it is diverting the usual replacement function, if you use it, it will be in the user graphic folder.
  • Please rename the character sprite you want to replace as chara_661.bmp ~ chara_692.bmp.
  • Also, this function cannot be applied to CNPC.
  • Pets now identify equipment.
  • Pet's weightlifting skill now gain experience (even if they are not overloaded).
  • (Even when riding a pet) traps are revealed by the pet's detection skill.
  • Pets also dismantle traps with their Disarm Trap skill
  • In addition, pets that follow Mani are effected by Mani's decomposition passive. When your pet successfully dismantles a trap you obtain the materials.
  • When you start performing any pets near by with the performing skill will start to sing along. As it's a song the pets do not require instruments. Instruments held by pets don't apply a bonus. When rocks are thrown they will target your singing pets as well as you.
  • You can restore pets attributes with healing touch
  • You can choose whether to display pet's HP gauge under skill track with the omake_config settings. Dead pets will be displayed in red with no bar.
  • The animation criterion of a pet setting walking graphics with omake_config can be made the cumulative generation turn number of the pet itself.
  • When a gene is inherited, the pets of the inherited character act as adventurers with the data of the inheritance character.
  • Equipment details and detailed information of pets are also output by character information output of F 11.
  • You can set whether omake_config will output features and pets detail information.
  • When a shining character (bells etc.) is used as a material for gene engineering, the resultant character glows.

Information regarding picture replacements

  • Converted to FFHP
  • For more details please refer to FFHP readme.
  • Now possible to swap picture in events such as the Murderer or Wandering Priest event.
  • In addition, it is now possible to add up to 5 pictures which can appear in random order on a single event.
  • Please add pictures to user\graphic folder using the name format below.
  • bg_[event].bmp where [event] is name of event and is any number between 1 to 5.
  • Most picture sizes should work but take care not to make them either too large or small as this may cause problems.
   Murderer bg_murderer.bmp
   Strange Feast bg_feast.bmp
   Smell of Food bg_smell.bmp
   Avoiding Misfortune bg_avoiding.bmp
   Your Potential bg_potential.bmp
   Gaining Faith bg_faith.bmp
   Small Luck bg_material.bmp
   Dream Harvest bg_harvest.bmp
   Camping Site bg_camping.bmp
   Creepy Dream bg_creepy.bmp
   Monster Dream bg_monster.bmp
   Treasure of Dream bg_treasure.bmp
   Lucky Day bg_lucky.bmp
   Quirk of Fate bg_quirk.bmp
   Cursed Whispering bg_cursed.bmp
   Malicious Hand bg_malicious.bmp
   Corpse bg_corpse.bmp
   Wizard's Dream bg_wizard.bmp
   Development bg_development.bmp
   Regeneration bg_regeneration.bmp
   Meditation bg_meditation.bmp
   Great Luck bg_platinum.bmp
   Mad Millionaire bg_millionaire.bmp
   Wandering Priest bg_priest.bmp
  • Now possible to use larger sized face1.bmp.
  • A portrait is 80x112 pixels in size. To add additional portraits to the face1.bmp in the user\graphic folder paste them next to each other in a 80x112 grid pattern.
  • It is possible to have up to 128 portraits in a 1280x896 pixel file.
  • It's possible to change individual portraits from the original list. To do this simply place your desired portrait in theuser\graphics folder and rename to user_npcface.bmp.
  • ( in user_npcface.bmp is where the face graphic number is added. For more information on face graphic numbers please refer to Gridface1.jpg included in the same folder)
  • Increased limit of addable portraits. Previously the limit was face1~face9 but has since increased to face1~face128.
  • Despite this change there appears to be no problems when reverting back to vanilla Elona. Just in case, it is recommended revert all changes when heading back to vanilla version.
  • Possible to swap buff icons using the same methods detailed for user_npcface.
  • Using name format buffIcon.bmp, add to user\graphic folder.
  • (For in buffIcon.bmp, this is where the buff number is added. Add buff numbers starting from the left that associated with the character.bmp image. The leftmost plain icon is number 0. In addition, please make sure the icon sizes are 32x32.)
  • Now possible to command which direction the item will face when dropped.
  • Since this function is connected to FFHP, FFHP feature needs to be allowed for it to work.
  • Place itemEX2.bmp file to user\graphic folder in this order starting from the left: south, west, east, north, southwest, northwest, southeast, northeast (Size should be either 384x48 or 384x96). Although replacing with a number in itemEX2_.bmp is optional, make sure to not use the same numbers already in use by FFHP.
  • Edit value of 8th column to 1 in itemEX.csv associated with FFHP (for more details refer to FFHP readme) then the process should be finished.
  • For pictures with 96 width, edit 3rd column to 96 and 4th column to 48.
  • If too many files are added this may slow down the program.
  • Added character chip version for FFHP. For more details refer to ƒLƒƒƒ‰ƒ`ƒbƒv”ÅFFHP folder.

CNPC Information

  • Now possible to add multiple dialogue selections during CNPC creation. For more information, please refer to "‘䎌‚̕ҏW•û–@.txt" (How_to_edit_dialogues.txt).
  • Changed so that after changing CNPC text at filter. in /nogenerate/, it is now possible to not spawn said CNPC.
  • Changed so that after changing CNPC text at filter. in /nodownload/, when using summoning crystal said CNPC will not appear in the list to summon.
  • Useful if you do not wish to have your CNPC downloaded as they might be there purely for explanation purposes and such.
  • Now possible to embed CNPC portraits.
  • Dialog will appear during CNPC creation if you would like to embed a portrait or not.
  • For embedding, only bmp and jpg file extensions are allowed. It is recommended to use jpg if more compact file is desired.
  • If there is no other portrait set with the embedded portrait, in "Appearance" the window will display "N/A".
  • Now possible to set transparency levels on CNPC character chips. Have fun creating your own ghost or Dragon Quest VI characters.
  • If you wish to add transparency copy paste [transmissivity. "100"] below where line bitOn. is without the brackets.
  • The value can be adjusted from minimum of 0 (no transparency) to a maximum of 256 (completely transparent).
  • As a side note, outside of omake this will display character chips normally instead of making them transparent.
  • Now possible to set shadow type on CNPC character chips.
  • If you wish to add shadows copy paste [dropShadowType. "40"] below where line bitOn. is without brackets.
  • Value in quotation marks can be freely adjusted. 0 will display shadow normally and -1 will prevent a shadow from appearing.
  • Any values above 1 will show shadow normally, but larger numbers will increase size of shadow displayed.
  • Most items are at 40, but there should be no problems increasing maximum value to around 150.
  • Although shadows will not be displayed in global map, this feature should be displayed normally everywhere else on any value.
  • Again, outside of omake this feature will display in its normal state.
  • Now possible to set how far the CNPC character chip 'floats' from the ground.
  • If you wish to add floating property copy paste [cSetPos. "24"] below where line bitOn. is without the brackets.
  • Value in quotation marks can be freely adjusted. Value of 16 will make it look the same as default character chips while higher values making it look more floaty.
  • Although there should be no problems long as very high numbers aren't used,
  • the game only recognizes to a maximum value of 32 (used by characters such as Vesda the fire dragon or shade) so limiting value to around this number should be fine.
  • Again, outside of omake this feature will display in its normal state.
  • Now possible to make CNPC not eat or drink by themselves.
  • This can be used to prevent serious character or inanimate objects to suddenly drink beer and say "Ah, good booze."
  • If you wish to set this option copy paste [noFoodOrDrink. "1"] below where line bitOn. is without the brackets.
  • The value can be either 0 or 1. 0 allow NPC to drink and eat by themselves while 1 disables this option.
  • Again, outside of omake the NPCs will drink and eat as normal.
  • CNPC can now be set to behave like bards (performing), cleaners (throws salt at snail player characters), or prostitutes (prostitution).
  • If you wish to add specific NPC behavior copy paste [cnpcRole. "3"] below where line bitOn. is without brackets and set aiCalm. value to 5.
  • Put value 1 for bard, 2 for cleaner, and 3 for prostitute. If aiCalm. is set to 1 previously set behaviors will have no effect.
  • When a pet has bard behavior added it is possible to give instruments (or rather all types of furnitures).
  • In addition, pets with bard behavior will start with an instrument of their own.
  • For pets with prostitute behavior, an additional dialogue option "I'll buy you." will appear.
  • Again, outside of omake this NPC feature will be disabled.
  • Now possible to set different race and class names for CNPC.
  • If you wish to change race name copy paste [raceAlias. "race name"] below where line bitOn. is without the brackets (where "race name" inside the quotations is the name to be altered).
  • If you wish to change race name copy paste [classAlias. "class name"] below where line bitOn. is without the brackets (where "class name" inside the quotations is the name to be altered).
  • This only change the name displayed under race and classes and has no effect on stats and abilities.
  • Finally, there should be no problems as long as the name isn't too long.
  • Made it possible to distribute CNPC race and class that can be set by the player.
  • If you wish to set race and class copy paste raceField. "field",userRace. "field" for race and classField. "field",userClass. "field" below where line bitOn. is without brackets.
  • The "field" in raceField and classField are to be filled from the 1st top line in o_race.csv and o_class.csv "name,id,id2,playable,...".
  • Please make sure field name for userRace and userClass have the numbers and names in the correct order.
  • The "field" in userRace and userClass should contain the same contents as o_race.csv and o_class.csv.
   raceField.	"name,id,id2,playable,sex,pic,pic2,dv,pv,hp,mp,str,end,dex,per,ler,wil,mag,chr,spd,meleeStyle,castStyle,resist,ageRnd,age,blood,breeder,height,skill,spact,trait,figure,description,desc-e"
   userRace.		"Little_sister,sister,0,1,0,105,0,,,100,80,7,4,12,10,3,15,2,20,95,,,,4,10,,100,140,1060004|1010005|1660010|1520008|1840003,,16701,head|neck|body|back|hand|hand|ring|ring|arm|waist|leg|,–…‚Í‚Æ‚Ä‚àƒLƒ…ƒg‚Å–œl‚Ɉ¤‚³‚ê‚éŽí‘°‚Å‚·”ޏ—‚ç‚ÌŽvl‚Ì‘½‚­‚Í‚¨ŒZ‚¿‚á‚ñ‚Ì‚±‚Æ‚ÉŠ„‚©‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚Ü‚·W’c‚ōs“®‚·‚邱‚Æ‚ª‘½‚¢¶•¨‚Å‚·‚ª’†‚É‚ÍŽ©•ª‚¾‚¯‚Ì‚¨ŒZ‚¿‚á‚ñ‚ð’T‚µ‚Ĉêl‚Å—·‚ð‚·‚éŽÒ‚à‚¢‚Ü‚·–…‚Í—D‚ꂽíp‚Æ“ñ“¬‚Ì‹Zp‚ðŽ‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚邽‚ߋߐڐ퓬‚É“K«‚ª‚ ‚è‚Ü‚·‚Ü‚½—¿—‚Ì‹Zp‚àŽ‚Á‚Ä‚¨‚èŽèì‚è‚Ì‚¨•Ù“–‚ð”Ì”„‚µ‚жŒv‚𗧂ĂĂ¢‚é–…‚à‚¢‚é‚Ù‚Ç‚Å‚·,Little sisters are a very cute race that are adored by all. Much of their thoughts usually revolve around oniichan. These creatures usually move around in herds, but occasionally few of them will travel on their own in a search to find their own oniichan. Little sisters are highly competent at dual wielding and therefore excel in melee combat. In addition, little sisters can also cook and some makes a living selling lunch boxes they make."
  • The example above will not work properly if there are more commas than expected, so although annoying it is recommended to edit o_race.csv and o_class.csv on Excel. (Translator note: Japanese has multiple different commas, while English only has one far as this translator knows. This may cause a problem when entering sentences with commas in the description.)
  • Make sure to not forget that 'race.' and 'class.' matches with the race and class it is designated to.\
  • Also, if raceField and classField aren't set they will be filled in automatically as shown below.
  • raceField. "name,id,id2,playable,sex,pic,pic2,dv,pv,hp,mp,str,end,dex,per,ler,wil,mag,chr,spd,meleeStyle,castStyle,resist,ageRnd,age,blood,breeder,height,skill,trait,figure,description,desc-e"
  • classField. "name,id,playable,str,end,dex,per,ler,wil,mag,chr,spd,equip,skill,description,desc-e"
  • Again, if race and class are set to have a different name they will be displayed instead.
  • Finally, if CNPC files with this setting added are in the user folder, when creating a new character the created race and class will be available to select from the list.
  • For cchara_*.bmp (where * is CNPC name) inside user\graphic folder, the CNPC picture chip will be used as a replacement (from MMA)

Showroom changes

  • Player's history of visited rooms is recorded in a file named showroom_log.txt in the user folder. The text file contains the names of the visited rooms (most recent additions are at the top of the list). Even if you visit the same room multiple times, it will not be recorded as a separate entry. You can change the number of items on the list through changing omake_config. It can also be erased manually. Reading the log in-game may cause the game to slow down if there are too many saved entries.
  • When using a rune to view a list of rooms to visit, a "*" appears before the name of a previously-visited room
  • Options for moongate usage are found in omake_config: "No change" (default), "Don't repeat the previous room" (don't teleport to the previous room again), "Don't teleport to rooms recorded in the log" (If you are still unable to teleport to a room that isn't in the log even after 500 tries, you will teleport
  • Since rooms are recorded as "room name + author name", a room with the same name created by the same author is regarded as the same room.
  • CNPC and custom items are reloaded when leaving the showroom. The CNPCs and custom items from the visited room may not appear without restarting Elona. It is possible to enable or disable the reload through changing omake_config.
  • In omake_config, you can choose between using the official server or an unofficial server for downloading showroom data. The unofficial server used by omake is: http://seacolorswind.sakura.ne.jp/eln/?mode=clip. You can save or delete your showroom data from here.
  • Different unofficial servers can be added through omake_config. To add one, edit omake_config.txt with the format: hostname. "hostname". It is set to "seacolorswind.sakura.ne.jp" by default. Please leave it that way unless you know what you're doing.
  • Up to 20 types of CNPCs can be placed in showrooms
  • Random event (Wandering Priest) does not occur in showroom
  • A character's HP will stay at maximum when entering a showroom. Therefore even if strong pets are placed in the showroom, your HP will always be maximum.
  • When a character dies by "Mewmewmew!" it will no longer drop items.
  • Statue of Creator can now be used in an unofficial showroom server.
  • You can now use the custom images used by a showroom's creator. However, this only includes images imported to omake after 4/15th.

Recipe Information

  • Removed recipe for food mixed with love potion and placed it over to human transmutation recipe.
  • Pets can be created by gathering the character's corpse, skin, blood, eye, and bones.
  • It is not possible to add or remove body parts at will through this method.
  • Removed dye from recipes and added ammo refill recipe which is only usable when worshiping Mani.
  • Replaced poisoned food with doping consomme soup from recipe.
  • For 46 turns it will grant holy shield, regeneration, elemental shield, speed, hero, and boost.
  • Additionally, although small cooking skill will influence stats increased from these buffs.
  • Removed fireproof coating from recipe and replaced this with cargo upgrade recipe.
  • The first required material states carpenter's tool but this will not be consumed upon use.
  • Removed acidproof coating from recipe and replaced this with potion doping recipe.
  • Mixing same potions together will increase their enchantment value.
  • Mixing two potions both with enchant value of 0 will result in one potion with enchant value of 1. All other values will simply add the enchant values together.
  • After item creation the resulting item will be treated as newly generated so blessed and curse effects will not carry over.
  • In addition, milk with character name attached will become a normal milk after potion doping.
  • If items with higher enchant is used as a material in recipe its success rate will become lower.
  • Highly upgraded potions will increase their spellpower, but there are some potions where spellpower is meaningless at any level.
  • Also, if potion is dropped on ground to create a puddle and is mixed with other items the spellpower for that potion becomes meaningless.
  • Below are the list of potions for which spellpower has no effect.
  • Empty bottle, Water, Dirty water, Salt solution, Vomit, Snow, Bottle of milk
  • Potion of mutation (when used by the player character)Potion of evolution (when used by the player character)
  • Potion of cure mutation, Potion of descent, Bottle of hermes blood
  • Potion of potential, Potion of restore body, Potion of restore spirit
  • Spellpower for dye or coating an item with poison or acid will only function during use.
  • Cursed or blessed materials will now effect the success rate of recipe.
  • In the code a message exists which kind of said "Recipe success chance is ~" but likely has not been used.
  • Changed so that items become stocked when creating items such as fuka fuka bread.

Potion Spellpower Information

  • Amount of stamina recovered by bottle of soda and blue capsule drug are now determined by its spellpower.
  • Removed maximum limit on a single dose of love potion effecting impress gain.
  • It is now possible to use just one highly upgraded love potion and go to *Love*.
  • Amount of eggs and milk produced due to love potion is now determined by its spellpower.
  • Using one dose of highly upgraded love potion may yield dozens of eggs and milk.
  • Number of fires that will appear when a molotov is thrown is now determined by its spellpower.
  • Upgrading will increase its effectiveness until about +20. Upgraded molotov will spit fires like an incendiary bomb and turn the map into a sea of flames so be careful when using this.
  • Amount of age change from blessed or cursed potion of slow is now determined by its spellpower.
  • Along with the slow potion change described above,
  • for items with good effects while cursed (and similarly for items with bad effects while cursed),
  • if spellpower is 50 in this case the spellpower will be halved.
  • Since potion of slow is categorized as an item that brings bad effect, if blessed its spellpower will be halved.
  • It is now possible to bring one's age down to 6 with an upgraded blessed potion of slow.

Gods Information

  • Changed so that chance rate of Kumiromi's recycle ability to extract seeds is determined by current favor.
  • Amount of speed increase from Lulwy's Trick is now determined by current favor.
  • Amount of damage reduced from Opatos' shell is now determined by current favor.
  • The upper limit of randomized MP usage from Ehekatl school of magic is now determined by current favor.
  • Amount of materials gained from Mani's decomposition is now determined by current favor.
  • Changed Mani's AI.
  • Mani should now be able to use Mani's decomposition and shoot from afar as his main attack.
  • Although Mewmewmew! won't be used he will still have Frisia's Tail.
  • If currently worshiping Mani, when a gun is equipped it is now possible to use special ability "Crossfire" (Basically the ranged version of swarm).

Item Creation Information

  • Additional craftable items are available for carpenter's tool. All rods except wish, treasure ball, happy bed, gift, stairs, and kotatsu can now be made.
  • With alchemy skill all potions besides those with marker can now be made.

Younger Sister Information

  • Younger sisters can now rarely be harvested from unknown seeds.
  • If younger sister brings an end instead of activating Ragnarok, Younger Sister Day will be used instead.
  • If pregnant from an alien, there is a now a rare chance for younger sister to pop out instead of an alien.
  • Replaced punk with younger sister as part of the possible house guest roster.
  • In Panic and Challenge quests, younger sisters are now possible targets.
  • If younger sisters with cooking skill are given portable cooking tool and food that can be cooked, "younger sister put their heart and soul in making this box lunch." message along with the cooked food will appear.
  • This will still work with either rotten or cursed food.
  • Rarely, players will be greeted by a group of younger sisters instead of rogue boss encounters.
  • Changed so that younger sisters main hand will now normally carry kitchen knife.
  • When reading cursed or doomed little sister's diary, either odd colored or transparent predator younger sister will be summoned.
  • Changed so that alien or younger sister spawned from pregnancy status effect will sometimes have the same AI as its parent.
  • Younger sisters birthed from pregnancy effect will now deal acid damage with martial arts.
  • Now possible for younger sister tree to rarely spawn. When bashing, a younger sister will fall instead.
  • This is different from normal fruit trees in that the tree carries only one younger sister at a time.
  • As a side note, if this tree is bashed in vanilla version a little sister's diary will fall instead.
  • Rarely there will now be a Shub-Niggurath that summons younger sisters instead of monsters.
  • Set 9/6 as Younger Sister Day. This is different from the Younger Sister Day caused by bringing an end.
  • Slightly changed Younger Sister Day brought about by brings an end weapon attribute. Etherwind will stop and a giant younger sister will appear.
  • Level of giant younger sister will be proportional to the younger sister that caused Younger Sister Day.
  • Instead of meeting a wandering vendor there is now a rare chance to meet wandering younger sister vendor instead.
  • Wandering younger sister vendors will sell multiple food with the attribute "Box lunch filled with younger sister's heart and soul."
  • Just like wandering vendors, wandering younger sister vendors can be attacked. But oniichan isn't a meany. Right, oniichan!
  • For foods with "Box lunch filled with younger sister's heart and soul." which has brings an end attribute attached, Younger Sister Day will be activated upon being eaten by anyone.
  • When creating a gene with little sister's diary in your inventory, the continuing character will now have an option to choose younger sister in the first pet event.
  • Reading blessed little sister's diary will now summon shining younger sister.
  • Changed so that Younger Sister Day brought from brings an end attribute will now spawn odd colored younger sisters, transparent younger sisters, and shining younger sisters.
  • Odd colored younger sisters spawned from this are classified as tomb robber instead of a predator.
  • As effect may overlap, it is possible to spawn an odd colored, transparent, shining younger sister.

Nefia Information

  • Changed so the level of randomly generated Nefia (aka randomly generated dungeons) is more likely to be around player character's level.
  • Nefia now contains small medals randomly scattered on the floor.
  • These are hidden similarly to their town counterparts.
  • Big daddy starting level now changes based on current floor level of Nefia.
  • However, Big daddy's level is limited between 30 - 2000.
  • When Nefia is spawned, there is now a rare chance for special version of Nefia to be made.
  • Special Nefia will have word modifiers attached to their name.
  • Whether which Nefia is special Nefia is recorded in oadata.sl file that is created inside the save folder.
  • Might tower type Nefia will disable usage of spells for all characters friend or foe while inside.

All floors will be set in large open rooms and lots of warrior class monsters will appear.

The boss will always be a minotaur.
  • Magic tower type Nefia will reduce all physical damage to 0 for all characters friend or foe while inside.

All floors will be set in large open rooms and lots of wizard class monsters will appear.

The boss will always be a lich type monster.
  • Forgetful: Even for items already identified beforehand, all items spawned will be unknown with some exceptions.

Items in unknown state will not be recognized by automatic pickup/destroy feature for items directly called out in the list.

Including normal item generation, the dungeon will also spawn
potion of potential, potion of cure corruption, potion of evolution,
scroll of gain attribute, scroll of growth, scroll of faith, flying scroll, scroll of contingency, 
spellbook of harvest, and rod of domination.
  • Lonely: Cannot enter with pets. Will be separated from pets once entered but will rejoin them upon exiting.

When boss is defeated 10 random herbs will be dropped.

  • Hellish: Number of floors will be 3 times bigger than normal.

Defeating the boss here will also grant rewards 3 times bigger than normal.

Since this also affects other special Nefias, if Hellish and Lonely modifiers are combined the boss will drop 3 * 10 herbs.
  • Shadow dungeon type Nefias will turn all characters to shades except for few exceptions.

Characters who will not turn to shades are CNPC, village people list, big daddy, little sister, and characters spawned from scroll of ally.

One of the defeated quest boss monsters including Goda, Mad Scientist, Isca, and Dungeon cleaner will be selected to be the boss of this Nefia.
When defeated the boss will not drop static artifacts or display an event (such as Orphe appearing after turning Zeome into mincemeat).
  • Made it possible to grow crops in forest type Nefias.
  • Increased chance of mining ores in cave type Nefias.

Automatic Pickup/Destroy Information

  • Implemented function to automatically pickup or destroy items.
  • To use create autopick.txt inside the save folder of sav_(character name).
  • This file will automatically be loaded whenever the game starts. Press shift + backspace to reload the file while in-game.
  • Please be careful if storing items in places besides player's properties such as underground of Vernis.
  • Player's ranch is an exception to this.
  • In addition, this feature will be disabled if moving to a tile with an item on it while holding down ctrl key.
  • Unfortunately this does not allow having more than one list of automatic pickup/destroy conditions.
  • Format is as follows below. (Translator note: As it is very unlikely translated English names will work with this particular feature, choice was made to leave the original names in the left and translated names on its right so the original Japanese names can be copy pasted and used to create a functioning list. Then again, there is also a good chance that if the game runs under English language, the Japanese names may not work.)

‚·‚×‚Ä‚Ì (All) Targets all items.

–¼Ì•s–¾‚Ì (Unknown) Targets all unknown items such as bloody scrolls.
ŠÓ’è’iŠK1‚Ì (Identified 1) Targets all items identified up to rank 1 when only the name is known
ŠÓ’è’iŠK2‚Ì (Identified 2) Targets all items identified up to rank 2 when the item name, quality, and blessed/cursed status is known
ŠÓ’è’iŠK3‚Ì (Identified 3) Targets all items identified up to rank 3 when item is completely identified
–³‰¿’l‚Ì (Worthless) Targets all items with value of less than 10.
•…‚Á‚½ (Rotten) Targets all rotten foods.
•…‚è‚«‚Á‚½ (Rotted) Targets all rotted food which came from sources such as zombies that lower user's stats when eaten.
¶‚«‚Ä‚¢‚é (Living) Targets all with living attribute.
‘eˆ«‚È (Bad) Targets all bad quality items. From here until '(Doomed)' line, only items that have been naturally identified or is at identified rank 2 or higher will be targeted.
—ÇŽ¿‚È (Good) Targets all good quality items.
‚•iŽ¿‚È (Great) Targets all great quality items.
ŠïÕ‚Ì (Miracle) Targets all miracle quality items.
_Ší‚Ì (Godly) Targets all godly quality items.
“Á•Ê‚È (Special) Targets all special quality items.
‹Md‚È (Precious) Targets all precious items.
j•Ÿ‚³‚ꂽ (Blessed) Targets all blessed items.
Žô‚í‚ꂽ (Cursed) Targets all cursed items.
‘—Ž‚µ‚½ (Doomed) Targets all doomed items.

The keywords here should be attached after from from the list above.

ƒAƒCƒeƒ€ Item Targets all items.
‹ßÚ•Ší Melee weapon As the item name explains themselves, from here on side notes will be abbreviated.
‘•”õ•i Equipment
Š• Helmet
‚ Shield
ŠZ Armor
ŒC Boots
˜“– Girdle
ƒ}ƒ“ƒg Mantle
ƒOƒƒu Glove
‰“Šu•Ší Ranged weapon
–î’e Ammo
Žw—Ö Ring
Žñ—Ö Amulet
ƒ|ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ Potion
Šª•¨ Scroll
–‚–@‘ Spellbook
–{ Book
–‚–@‚̏ñ Magic rod
H‚ו¨ Food
“¹‹ï Tool
‰Æ‹ï Furniture
ˆäŒË Well
Õ’d Altar
ŽcŠ[ Monster part
ƒWƒƒƒ“ƒN Junk
‹à‰Ý Gold piece
ƒvƒ‰ƒ`ƒid‰Ý Platinum
•ó”  Chest
zÎ Ore
Ž÷–Ø Tree
—·—Æ Traveler's food
ŒðˆÕ•i Cargo item
‚»‚̃AƒCƒeƒ€‚̐³Ž®‚È–¼Ìˆê•”‚Å‚à‰Â Proper item names(partial is ok) ’·Œ• ƒƒ“ƒOƒ\ƒh (long sword)ƒ‰ƒ€ƒl‚ç‚Þ‚¥ (bottle of soda)ƒAƒs‚ÌŽÀ(api nut) ƒAƒs(api) ƒAƒs‚ÌŽÀƒpƒC (api nut pie)
(Translator note: means ok while means not ok to do)

Keywords added in front

'!' listed items will be destroyed. Items with precious attribute attached cannot be destroyed.
'~' listed items will be left on the ground as is.
Keyword added at end
'?' listed items will display confirmation dialogue.
Keyword added at any point
'#' command is to be used as a comment.

Below is an example of how to create a list. (Translator note: When applying this function please remove all English words between Start and Finish lines as these are purely for translation purposes only)

                            1. Start##############

!•…‚è‚«‚Á‚½Ž€‘Ì Rotten corpse ‹à‰Ý Gold piece ƒvƒ‰ƒ`ƒid‰Ý Platinum ‚·‚ׂĂ̍zÎ All ore –¼Ì•s–¾‚ÌŠª•¨ Unknown scroll

–¼Ì•s–¾‚̃|ƒVƒ‡ƒ“ Unknown potion
–¼Ì•s–¾‚Ì–‚–@‘ Unknown spellbook
‚•iŽ¿‚ȃAƒCƒeƒ€ Great item
ŠïÕ‚̃AƒCƒeƒ€ Miracle item
_Ší‚̃AƒCƒeƒ€ Godly item
“Á•Ê‚ȃAƒCƒeƒ€ Special item
‹Md‚ȃAƒCƒeƒ€ Precious item
¶‚«‚Ä‚¢‚éƒAƒCƒeƒ€ Alive item
ƒAƒs‚ÌŽÀ Api nut
–ò‘ Medicinal weed
ƒwƒ‹ƒX‚ÌŒŒ? Hermes blood
Šè‚¢‚̏ñ? Rod of wishing
–¼‘O‚ÌŠª•¨ Scroll of name
–…‚Ì“ú‹L Little sister's diary

!•…‚Á‚½H‚ו¨? Rotten food !–³‰¿’l‚̃AƒCƒeƒ€ Worthless item !ƒtƒ“ Shit ##############Finish##############

Player's Deed of Dungeon Information

  • If player currently has a dungeon placed, villagers will now sometimes appear in Nefia.
  • These villagers can be taken to your dungeon and make their living there.
  • Chances of finding villagers become higher the deeper in Nefia you go.
  • In dungeon if enough villagers exist neutral NPCs will now appear.
  • Changed so in players dungeon if there are enough villagers, there is a chance for adventurers to visit.
  • Added dungeon from a list of places players can return to.
  • In dungeon even if player is branded as criminal the player can now freely purchase items here.
  • More floors (up to 5) will now be unlocked the more villagers there are in player's dungeon.
  • To use purchase stairs place these in dungeon as it would normally be done for your home. In different floors it is possible to keep same type of shopkeepers.
  • In player's dungeon if there are a lot of people living in a floor, the shopkeeper in this floor will now stock twice as much items.
  • Since blackmarkets don't have limits to how much they can stock this effect does not apply to them.
  • It is now possible to hire maids in player dungeon.
  • Although in dungeon no guests will visit, this enables changing name of the village and tells information on the village.
  • There is no limit on how many maids can be hired. However, they are not counted towards number of villagers.
  • In dungeon the player can appoint one of the maids to become a head maid.
  • If there are enough villagers, talking to the head maid will initiate an event or sub quest.
  • As of now 2 such events have been implemented.
  • In player dungeon even if the inhabitants are unique it will now display impress and attract levels.
  • (This is due to head maid being treated as a unique character and therefore did not display impress and attract levels.)
  • In dungeon players can now place dryrock, field, and onsen map chips.

Dialogue Editing Information

  • Players can now edit as many dialogues as needed.
  • For more information please refer to "‘䎌‚̕ҏW•û–@.txt" in the same folder. (How_to_edit_dialogues.txt)
  • For character dialogues it is now possible to replace just specific words in their speech.
  • To do so go to talk folder inside user folder and create "talkconvert.txt" file.
  • In the text file, words can be substituted if added like this "imouto -> imouto-chan".
  • Subsitutions for {npc} and {snpc} aren't available (only {player}, {aka}, and {ŒZ} can be used). (Note: ŒZ = brother)
  • This change can be enabled or disabled in omake_config (by default this is disabled).
  • In the talk folder there is a sample so please refer to this on points that may be unclear.

Titles Information

  • Players can now earn a title if conditions are met. Press y key open title list window.
  • In the title list window, x can be pressed to see details of a title.
  • Titles can be turned on and off with enter key.
  • Title in black means it is on while grey means it is off.
  • In addition, as certain titles are made as variable for check purposes when activated,
  • if certain titles meets requirements to unlock but previous titles are not turned on the title will not be earned. In this case please have the title on and meet the requirements again.
  • Certain titles have special effects implemented (possible to check special effects in title details).
  • If title is set to off its special effect will not occur.
  • Now possible to set which key is used to open title window in omake_config.
  • To do so, in omake_config.txt copy paste [key_title. "y"] without brackets while changing y to the key you wish to set to.
  • As the default is set to y key, if players do not feel the need to change this then nothing else is required to do.

Custom Item Information

  • Implemented custom items. Pressing F8 will allow creation similar to the method used with CNPC.
  • For more information please refer to "ƒJƒXƒ^ƒ€ƒAƒCƒeƒ€à–¾.txt" in the same folder. (Custom_item_explanation.txt)
  • If citem_*.bmp (where * is the custom item name) exists in user\graphic folder, it will be treated as a replaceable custom item picture chip file (from MMA).


  • Implemented feature so save data loads only the required files. This speeds up the data load process.
  • Now possible to change anime_wait. in config during gameplay. This option can be changed in game setting.
  • Made a separate config for omake. This is automatically made when Elona is started. Its usage is the same as the normal config option.
  • Omake configs can be changed at EscGame SettingExtended Game Setting.
  • Kill Kill Piano can now be played. However, this can only be done on Kill Kill Piano freshly generated ingame.
  • Added option for smooth scrolling in omake_config.
  • Now possible to choose between bcopy or fxcopy copy command in save data load option at omake_config.
  • If fxcopy is used and the pathname Elona is added to is too long it may report errors. To get around this problem please use either bcopy or shorten the Elona pathname.
  • Added option to allow player character and pet walking graphics to be displayed at full size in omake_config.
  • Graphics will remain at normal size in global map.
  • Added option to put comma every 3 digits on gp and pp in omake_config.
  • Added option whether to sort the quantities or not when picking up an item and there are 2 or more of the same item in your inventory in omake_config.
  • Default is set to "disabled".
  • If automatic pickup feature everything will be picked up regardless of what the option is set to.
  • Added option whether to sort the quantities or not when giving 2 or more of the same item to your pets in omake_config.
  • This is set to "disabled" as default.
  • Items such as gifts, engagement rings, engagement amulets, and love potions will give effect based on the number that is given.
  • For example if 100 love potions are given at once, all of them will be broken and 100 impress points will be lost.
  • Firing shopkeepers will now also remove any items they had in storage from the save data.
  • Cargo weight upgrade has been increased from 10.0s to 30.0s.
  • Shops now restock their items every 3 days. In exchange, made it impossible to use return when current cargo weight is over 2 times its limit.
  • Made price of cargo items to be the same as Christmas version.
  • Shopkeepers will now raise or lower price based on their current impress levels. Negotiation is calculated separately
  • Total amount of lost items that can be sent to guards is now changed from every year to every month.
  • Kitchen knives now innately has increase cooking skill attribute attached.
  • Age will now also display when talking.
  • Throwing skill will now increase when throwing items such as potions.
  • This change is mostly for helping young lade. For players throwing panties is more efficient.
  • Blue capsule drugs should now be able to drop.
  • Now possible save with F1 and load with F2.
  • Can now remove targets from whistle.
  • Wishing for "sex" will now be able to change gender of a single character in map.
  • If using default function all required characters will not fit for some requests so the input window has been extended.
  • Disabled sending wish messages to the network.
  • Monster parts now drop twice as more often.
  • Increased chance of monster corpse and heart dropping.
  • Changed so if red blossom quest has been completed, rewards list from delivering little sisters will now include secret treasure of the wicked.
  • Rewards list from delivering little sisters will now include gene machine. (Seems like skeleton key was already included in this list?)
  • When sleeping magic and charisma potentials will now grow as these seems to have not been implemented.
  • Souvenir vendors will now sell monster balls. Now these should be easier to obtain (grin).
  • Adventurer news (such as what item they got or if they have moved away from North Tyris) will now display their full name instead of just their alias.
  • Adventurers now sometimes appears in Nefias. Chances of meeting one however are probably slim.
  • If q is wished for @ will now be spawned instead.
  • If pick is in inventory digging difficulty and amount of turns needed to dig are now halved.
  • If player character is minced there is now 1/2 chance to drop "a corpse of (player character)".
  • Only special things about this is the name is different and precious flag is applied but is otherwise a perfectly normal corpse. Currently there are no special effects triggered from eating this.
  • Can now select "May I ask for your hand?" and "Let's make a gene." dialogue choices from others besides pets.
  • If option to choose "Let's make a gene." conditions are fulfilled, "Have a child" option will also appear.
  • The appearance and race of child are picked at random from a list. There is a possibility it may become the same as your partner. Only 1 child can be made per year.
  • You now gain experience to your skill if Loyter in Vernis is satisfied with your performance.
  • Monsters captured from monster balls will now appear at its captured level instead of its default level.
  • However, you can now no longer capture enemies from the Void with monster balls.
  • In addition only level will carry over but its equipment and name will be freshly generated.
  • Shit can now be thrown. Target hit will be affected with random status effect with quality of shit affecting number of turns its target is effected for.
  • Melee and ranged weapons can now be mixed with poison. If its attack is hit, the target will be poisoned proportional to the users weapon skill.
  • For ranged weapons please apply poison to the bow or gun and not to its ammo. In addition, the poison will wear off after being used for random amount of times.
  • Item and its name in detail window can now move back and forth between another item detail window by pressing up and down.
  • Item and its detail window will now display what number of the list it is in.
  • If music ticket is given to Mysterious Producer who occasionally visits home the next party will become a bit more extravagant.
  • Characters who normally don't show up will appear, large sum of money can be earned, and items which normally aren't thrown will appear.
  • In addition, the time limit has been doubled.
  • Money can now fly to a tile a unit is standing on (also applies to the player character).
  • Changed wizard's harvest so stuff summoned by this spell is now stocked.
  • Ranged weapon distance modifier for damage and hit chance modifier are now calculated separately.
  • This was also changed for static artifacts, but in the end there should really be not much changed from its default setting.
  • However, shotguns now gain an increase in hit chance modifier the further away its target is.
  • In addition if Winchester Premium is shot at target 1 distance away its damage will be doubled. It will normally for any distance longer then 2.
  • Bow of Vinderre should now have better chance of hitting targets far away. Feel free to activate draw shadow much as you want.
  • When silver eyed witch is generated its level is now randomly selected with its number attached.
  • The range of random level is dependent on the current floor. As long as floor isn't too low powerful silver eyed witch shouldn't appear.
  • Silver eyed witches spawned in hunting quests do not have random level with number attached to them.
  • When attacking the defender and attacker greater evasion skill will be used in calculation to offset one another.
  • When choosing an alias * key can be used to lock an alias in place.
  • When a drunk NPC gets another character involved, they will now proceed to 'have a good time'.
  • However this does not extend to player character and their pets in which case they will only go through the 1st step. As usual, if its target gets annoyed fight will be started as usual.
  • Chance of drunk NPC getting it done with another character is now increased while the chance of their partner getting annoyed has decreased.
  • Changed cyber snack to happy snack. When eaten causes happy day increasing luck by 300 which lasts for 1000 turns.
  • When bashing a fruit tree it is now possible for all fruits to drop at once.
  • Fruit trees now produce fruits based on amount of time that has passed.
  • Similar to <Goda> the captain of orc, <Mad scientist>, and <Isca> the fallen angel, <Dungeon cleaner> will no longer appear after it is defeated.
  • <Dungeon cleaner> in Vernis is not counted in this change.
  • Now possible to filter out certain death and wish messages in log. If NGwords.txt does not exist in the same folder .exe is in, this will be automatically made when Elona is started.
  • In NGwords.txt, you can add a word you wish to filter every line.
  • Eating equipments with enchantments that increases or decreases certain skills will give or take said skill experience from the character accordingly.
  • Items with decrease skill enchantment will decrease skill experience when eaten.
  • When picking or dropping multiple items, using numpad quantity can be adjusted by 10 with 1 or 3 and by 100 with 7 or 9 keys.
  • If item description uses half spaced characters it will now automatically correct itself and prevent it from turning into gibberish.
  • Random Nefias and such on global map should now no longer have top of their graphics cropped off.
  • When inputting name it is now possible to use up to 20 characters.
  • When zombie kills another character, the character killed will become a zombie on the spot while becoming allied to the zombie it was killed by and also maintaining the level it was killed at.
  • However, this has no effect if the target killed is the player character, their pet, or other undeads.
  • For zombies, in pets tactics it is possible to tell them to not create a zombie when target is killed.
  • Finally, zombies created in this manner will not drop potions of descent.
  • If target is killed by a zombie there is a chance they will come back as a red zombie with 1.5 or 2 times the level they were killed at.
  • NPCs that are not in middle of combat will not be prioritized when targeting characters.
  • When displacing another character to its tile that is standing on a live trap, the trap will now activate to the current character on the trap.
  • For items related to supply quests, if the NPC carrying it loses the item through trading, being stolen, dropping it, or any other method, the related quest will be refreshed to a new item.
  • This is so the supply quest item will be stocked.
  • Lowered exe file size by making the lower part of log which displays text to be processed similarly to ELM.
  • The fence in thieves guild will now stock love potions.
  • Characters created from split action will now have stethoscope and leash flag off.
  • It is now possible to read pornographic book.
  • Just like corpses and figures, pornographic books will now have character name attached.
  • Already existing pornographic books will not have character name attached. In addition, there is a rare chance to fish up pornographic book that does not have character name attached.
  • During party time quest, problem with variable being overwritten was fixed but this brought a new issue where performance skill became harder to raise.
  • Because of this requirement for crowd to throw rocks at the performer has been lowered to 'performer skill' < '2/3 of listener level'.
  • Sell price of unidentified items is now no longer tied to player characters level.
  • Holding shift key and running now displays characters that would normally initiate conversation with you.
  • However CNPC spawned with quality 6 (unique) will not be displaced.
  • Eating enchanted equipments with resist attributes attached will now have a chance to increase resistance (or decrease if item gives negative resistance).
  • However, gaining resistance through this method works the same way as eating food which grants resistance and cannot go any higher than normal.
  • As eating items with strong resistance enchant would have the same chance as a weak enchant,
  • there is now a higher chance of granting resistance along with possibility increasing resistance by 2 ranks at once.
  • When resistance changes as a result of eating or similar,
  • it will no longer have any effect if said resistance is at or lower than weak and at or higher than normal.
  • For example, if fire ent eats fire ent corpse its resistance should stay the same and not go down to normal resistance.
  • Completely identified fruit trees will now display the kind of fruit it drops with its fruit name added at the end.
  • Young lady now has a rare chance to spawn with enchanted molotov. However, it can only be enchanted up to +3 this way.
  • It is now possible to add new race and class as the player wishes.
  • As a test a single race has been created and available for use.
  • For most part this is for development purposes and not for normal use so only use if you are prepared to do so.
  • When elona_omake.exe is started, o_race.csv and o_class.csv will be created in data folder.
  • As discussing every single thing would be tiring only parts that may be hard to understand will be explained.
  • The number in skill heading is its skill identifier and its level (make sure 4 digits always exist on the right end).
  • For example, if literacy skill (skill identifier 150) level is 5 it should read as 1500005.
  • If multiple skills need to be added please place '|' between the numbers. Maximum of 30 is allowed.
  • For list of skill identifiers please refer to the wiki.
  • Number on trait heading is the trait identifier and its rank (2 digits must always exist on right side).
  • For example, 1st rank of skill bonus for yerles (identifier 154) would be read as 15401.
  • If you wish to create a negative rank, add minus in front of the number like -15401.
  • For multiple trades add '|' between the numbers. Maximum of 10 is allowed.
  • For more information on trait identifier and its ranks, please refer to the wiki feet list.
  • Equip header determines the type of starting equipment.
  • To determine what number corresponds to which type please refer to other existing data.
  • Make sure id2 is always at 0.
  • pic is for male graphic number. pic2 is for female graphic number.
  • When both male and female will have the same graphic please only input to pic and keep pic2 as 0.
  • For information on graphic number please refer to Elona picture replacement site or others similar.
  • dv and pv values cannot be applied to the player character, pets, or adventurers.
  • meleeStyle and castStyle are types which display text when using martial arts and casting.
  • To determine what number corresponds to which type please refer to other existing data.
  • resist is a type for resistance. This does not apply to the player character.
  • ageRnd and age are used to calculate age using the equation rnd(ageRnd) + age.
  • blood is type for blood spray. If set to 1 it will be treated as an inorganic creature (a fragment breaks apart).
  • figure is for position of the body. For the most part it works as it says on the tin, but unlike skill and trait headings at the end '|' is required without quotes.
  • Reduced the frequency of searching for traveler's food in inventory when at hungry status in global map.
  • This should lessen the frequency of the game waiting a lot when moving at a hungry status. Make sure to not starve to death now.
  • When using blue treasure machine there is a low chance to get a rare treasure ball with infront of its name.
  • Rare treasure ball with attached will either drop happy apple, hero cheese, or magic fruit.
  • Return, restore body, restore spirit, and wish spells no longer change in MP consumption at any level.
  • Healing rain now only effects targets allied to the caster.
  • The feat "You won't be dim" will now work on everyone else and not just golems.
  • Changed so CNPC and custom item files will always be loaded as long as they are under user folder.
  • Rod of alchemy and gem stone of Mani now no longer targets important items.
  • When a beggar comes to your home you give them gold after they ask "I got no money to buy food. Will you spare me some coins?", additional dialogue options will now appear.
  • In omake_config.txt if the following [card_game_off. "1"] is applied without brackets, card game will no longer start upon pressing F3.
  • Skills which are spontaneously used (such as fire breath) has had their code changed slightly. This is mostly to make future development easier so ingame players should not notice any difference before and after.
  • Along with this "Crossfire" is now changed to an ability (Until now it sorta worked like a fake ability).
  • Added in omake_config to enable or disable shortcut for omake stuff.
  • "Crossfire" can also be added to omake shortcuts.
  • Added spontaneous skill type "Devour".
  • For the most part this is for test purposes so when loading a save this skill should be acquired.
  • This is similar to the decapitation where weakened enemies will be eaten and insta killed.
  • When a character is killed due to "Devour", the target in comparison to normal food will receive 20 times the experience. However, corpse effects such as increasing resistance, will stay the same.
  • Also if the target eaten is a magic user, in comparison to reading a spellbook 10 times of the stock will be gained.
  • In addition to this certain characters will give special effects when devoured (partially implemented).
  • Devouring in showrooms will have no effect. Also, as the target is eaten, characters killed with "Devour" action will not leave a corpse nor monster parts.
  • Eating little sisters with this skill will have no effect.
  • Changed variable which saves buff information on the character it is effecting.
  • This allows to add original buffs in omake.
  • Added spontaneous skill type "Element Enchant".
  • When used a element buff will be applied. This buff on physical attacks will act similar to element enchants on the weapon.
  • When used the element buff is using will be lowered. This does not consume MP.
  • Fire Fire bolt, Cold Ice Bolt, Lightning Lightning bolt, Darkness Darkness arrow
  • Mind Illusion beam, Nether Nether eye, Sound Raging roar, Nerve Nerve eye
  • Chaos Chaos eye, Magic Magic laser
  • Since there was no magic relating with poison element this element buff is not implemented. For cut element this was not implemented as it would be too strong.
  • Its strength and number of turns it last for is proportionally dependent to magic stat. There is a limit to this however.
  • The effect will stack if element buff is applied to a weapon which has said element.
  • Can now use camera to capture all of the current map image.
  • This image will be saved in the same folder elona_omake.exe is in as mapimage.bmp.
  • Please note only cameras spawned from this version will have this function.
  • Although almost all of the playing window image will be saved,
  • some things such as position the player character is in not having any spotlight, HP gauge not showing below character chip, item shadow not displaying and such will occur.
  • Although the first 2 are done for aesthetic purposes, the item shadow not showing was unable to solved so this was left as is.
  • Others such as CNPC, custom item, and pictures of item in different directions will be displayed without problems.
  • Also, the file will be saved as bmp so the image size will be huge.
  • If uploading make sure to convert to a different format! It's a promise oniichan!
  • Added option to what objects will be displaced when using camera in omake_config.
  • Four different patterns can be chosen from as map+character+item, map+character, map+item, and map.
  • Fire pillars and puddles are counted as items.
  • Fixed relationbetween function which in turn fixes healing rain to target everyone else but the caster's enemy.
  • Made it so that allies using healing rain will also effect neutral targets.
  • If NPC chooses to buff (or debuff), it will go through its available action list again if the target already has said buff.
  • This does not count for buffs such as cheer which targets multiple characters. Also, it will retry its available action list up to 50 times (technically 49 times).
  • If a dungeon already exists as one of players deeds, if a dungeon is read again this will move already built dungeon to that spot instead.
  • Inside of the dungeon will remain the same and only its location is moved.
  • If the current home has the same dimensions as the other home deed is read, it will now move your home to that location.
  • Different from AI character skills, it is now possible to use skills available to certain race and classes.
  • It is possible to edit which race and class uses which skill in o_race.csv and o_class.csv.
  • To enable this feature, delete o_race.csv and o_class.csv from data folder just once.
  • If o_race.csv and/or o_class.csv does not exist in data folder, a file with the same name will be generated.
  • In the file a new header named spact is added. From there it is possible to edit which race and class gets which skill.
  • Format is "Use chance|List amount|Skill identifier|..."
  • Example15|2|643|648
  • From the above example there is 15% chance for one of 2 skills to use 643: "younger sister summon" or 648: "insult" action.
  • Maximum of 20 skills in the list is allowed. Please bear in mind an error will occur if use chance is anything other than 0 and list amount is set to 0.
  • Since action order is decided from normal skill race skill class skill, even though race skill was selected it is possible for race skill to overwrite its intended action.
  • Because of this, the only skill that strictly follows chance percentage is only race skill.
  • Please refer to CNPC section in wiki as to what number relates to which skill identifier.
  • The following skills below were added based on personal experience.
  • Warrior: 5% chance to swarm.
  • Warlock: 5% chance to receive enchant element buff.
  • Priest: 10% chance to cast holy shield.
  • Roran: 5% chance to insult.
  • Finally, although pets can use race and class related skills, it is also possible to disable them in their tactics.
  • If multiple player deeds exist, it is now possible to move members to other deeds using house board besides just my home and dungeon.
  • If walking graphics are displayed at full size, character graphic in character sheet will now also display to full size.
  • Using drain blood will now fill hunger level similar to drinking one bottle of potion.
  • When changing tiles using house board, it is now possible to continuously place tiles in one left click while holding control key.
  • When time is stopped map, characters, and items will appear in grey scale. Effects and such stays as is.
  • Time stop bullet effect has now increased from 4 turns (technically 3) to 6 turns (technically 5).
  • If time is stopped weather and puddle animations will also stop (from MMA).
  • If items with "it deals ** damage" enchant is eaten, it will grant effect similar to "Enchant Element" buff.
  • If "Cancel Christmas" is wished for, Noyel's Holy Night festival will not appear and 60 karma will be added.
  • Player characters can now also use race and class skills. However, magic and such isn't included as this is only for special actions in "Skills".
  • Each guild masters can now change player character or pets classes. Every time class change occurs guild rank decreases.
  • Although it is possible to change class from another guild master you are not a part of, this will still decrease guild rank for your guild.
  • It it possible to edit which guild masters allows which class change in o_class.csv.
  • To enable this feature, delete o_class.csv from data folder just once.
  • If o_class.csv does not exist in data folder, a file with the same name will be generated.
  • A new header named 'guild' should appear and from there it is possible to edit which guilds change which class.
  • 1 is for Mages' Guild, 2 is for Fighters' Guild, and 3 is for Thieves' Guild.
  • As a test these numbers were chosen.
  • Finally, changing classes does not change stats nor skills such as tactics. This feature is mostly for getting class specific skills.
  • In hunting quests enemies that are not hostile to player will no longer be counted.
  • When you come back to your home, it is now possible to change whether your maid informs you if there are visitors or not in omake_config.
  • Changed Garok's hammer effects. When Garok's hammer is generated it will come with certain enchants. When used these enchants will be applied to the target equipment.
  • Similar to vanilla, this can be only used up to miracle quality items.
  • Minimum of 2 enchants are applied now applied to Garok's hammer.
  • Now possible to change building of my home in the same location.
  • Extended freezer space to 50 items.
  • Changed so that even if player character is not currently at a village, NPCs such as beggars and miners will pop when certain amount of time passes.
  • Hard gay (premium) will now have a low chance of spawning.
  • Besides having a gold shine they are exactly the same as normal hard gays.
  • When incarnating an adventurer color and unknown names for item can now be carried over.
  • As a side effect this will also carry over NPC's current faith in each town.
  • When incarnating an adventurer it can now be chosen which parts will get carried over.
  • Total of 10 options included are: item, material, gold, platinum, BP, play time, turning pets to adventurers, secret experience of Lomias, little sister's diary, item color and unknown names.
  • Made it possible to plant seeds in places such a villages and Cyber Dome.
  • When talking to NPC, items being cleaned from ground, plants growing, and other such actions will now only occur after changing map.
  • It is now possible control NPCs that are allied to you. Specifically speaking, this applies to Juere infantry in Yowyn quest, friendly zombies made by your pet zombie and such.
  • Naturally, this doesn't work on pets or adventurers allied to you.
  • Adventurers can now form their own party.
  • Members are chosen at random and the adventurer is chosen as the leader.
  • Action such as party member moving on their own, or leader moving in the same map in the center of the group will occur.
  • Over time party members will be added, deleted, or replaced.
  • If the party member of the adventurer is minced, hired by player character, becomes pet of the player character or similar that member will no longer be in the adventurer's party.
  • If it is the leader that leaves the party, the party will be disbanded.
  • For purposes of bug check, the party leader name is displayed above the adventurer's character chip.
  • If no party has been formed it will display "No party".
  • If an adventurer moves to a map that doesn't exist, it will keep selecting another until it moves to an existing location.
  • Because of this it should now be much easier to meet with adventurers.
  • When wishing for a change in alias it is now possible to change alias of others besides the player character.

List of changes (original)[]

From omake_readme.txt.

    ・魔力制御の影響が敵対 vs. 無関心の交戦にも及んでいたのを修正
    ・ミニマップに使用される画像のRGBが0, 0, 0の場合透過されて直前にいたマップのミニマップが見えてしまうことがあるのを修正

     対象のペットに干渉 → 「作戦を決める」で可能です
     また、自分に干渉 → 「全員に命令」でその場にいるペット全員の作戦を変えることができます

      ガンガンいこうぜ  → ペットの索敵範囲かつPCの視界内に敵が存在する場合積極的に攻撃対象にする
      手近な敵を攻撃しろ → 「ガンガンいこうぜ」の索敵範囲を狭めた作戦
      主人を守れ     → PCに近づいてきた敵を攻撃対象にする
      手を出すな     → まったく敵に対して攻撃を行わなくなる。補助魔法とかも使わない
      自由に攻撃しろ   → いつも通りに攻撃対象を選ぶ

      早めに回復しろ   → HPが半分以下になったら瀕死時行動を起こす(お嬢なら治癒の雨とか)
      自由に回復しろ   → いつも通りのタイミングで回復する      

     対象のペットに干渉 → 「着替えさせる」で可能です
     差し替えたいキャラチップをchara_661.bmp ~ chara_692.bmpという名前で置いてください
     右側表示なら画面サイズ800 * 600で15体分表示させてもギリギリはみ出しませんがちょっと見づらいかもしれません


  殺人鬼 → bg_murderer○.bmp
     謎のご馳走 → bg_feast○.bmp
     ご馳走の匂い → bg_smell○.bmp
     不運の回避 → bg_avoiding○.bmp
     才能の開花 → bg_potential○.bmp
     信仰の深まり → bg_faith○.bmp
     マテリアルの発見 → bg_material○.bmp
     夢の中の収穫 → bg_harvest○.bmp
     野営跡の発見 → bg_camping○.bmp
     不気味な夢 → bg_creepy○.bmp
     怪物の夢 → bg_monster○.bmp
     宝を埋める夢 → bg_treasure○.bmp
     幸運の日 → bg_lucky○.bmp
     運命の気まぐれ → bg_quirk○.bmp
     呪いのつぶやき → bg_cursed○.bmp
     悪意ある手 → bg_malicious○.bmp
     冒険者の遺骸 → bg_corpse○.bmp
     魔法使いの夢 → bg_wizard○.bmp
     成長のきざし → bg_development○.bmp
     自然治癒力の向上 → bg_regeneration○.bmp
     瞑想力の向上 → bg_meditation○.bmp
     路上に転がる幸運 → bg_platinum○.bmp
     発狂した金持ち → bg_millionaire○.bmp
     辻プリースト → bg_priest○.bmp

     1キャラあたり80 * 112でface1.bmpと同じ形式のbmpファイルをuser_face1.bmpという名前でuser\graphicフォルダに置いてください
     (1キャラあたり80 * 112なので全体で1280 * 896くらいの大きさのファイルです)
     80 * 112のbmpファイルをuser_npcface○.bmpという名前でuser\graphicフォルダに置いてください
     一番左の無地のアイコンが番号0です。なお、アイコンサイズはキャラクター画像と違い32 * 32なので注意)
     左から南、西、東、北、南西、北西、南東、北東の順に並べたbmp(384 * 48 又は 384 * 96の大きさ)をitemEX2_○.bmpという名前で

     設定したい場合はbitOn.より下の行に「transmissivity.        "100"」の括弧の中身をコピペしてください
     設定したい場合はbitOn.より下の行に「dropShadowType.        "40"」の括弧の中身をコピペしてください
     設定したい場合はbitOn.より下の行に「cSetPos.        "24"」の括弧の中身をコピペしてください
     設定したい場合はbitOn.より下の行に「noFoodOrDrink.    "1"」の括弧の中身をコピペしてください
     設定したい場合はbitOn.より下の行に「cnpcRole.    "3"」の括弧の中身をコピペした上でaiCalm.を5に設定してください
     種族の別名を設定したい場合はbitOn.より下の行に「raceAlias. "種族の別名"」の
     職業の別名を設定したい場合はbitOn.より下の行に「classAlias. "職業の別名"」の
   設定したい場合はbitOn.より下の行に、種族の場合は「raceField.    "略"」、「userRace.    "略"」、
   職業の場合は「classField.    "略"」、「userClass.    "略"」の括弧の中身をコピペしてください

   raceField.    "name,id,id2,playable,sex,pic,pic2,dv,pv,hp,mp,str,end,dex,per,ler,wil,mag,chr,spd,meleeStyle,castStyle,resist,ageRnd,age,blood,breeder,height,skill,spact,trait,figure,description,desc-e"
   userRace.        "妹,sister,0,1,0,105,0,,,100,80,7,4,12,10,3,15,2,20,95,,,,4,10,,100,140,1060004|1010005|1660010|1520008|1840003,,16701,頭|首|体|背|手|手|指|指|腕|腰|足|,妹はとてもキュートで万人に愛される種族です。彼女らの思考の多くはお兄ちゃんのことに割かれています。集団で行動することが多い生物ですが、中には自分だけのお兄ちゃんを探して一人で旅をする者もいます。妹は優れた戦術と二刀流の技術を持っているため、近接戦闘に適性があります。また、料理の技術も持っており、手作りのお弁当を販売して生計を立てている妹もいるほどです。,"   

   raceField.    "name,id,id2,playable,sex,pic,pic2,dv,pv,hp,mp,str,end,dex,per,ler,wil,mag,chr,spd,meleeStyle,castStyle,resist,ageRnd,age,blood,breeder,height,skill,trait,figure,description,desc-e"
   classField.    "name,id,playable,str,end,dex,per,ler,wil,mag,chr,spd,equip,skill,description,desc-e"

     なお、判定はルーム名 + 作者名で行っているため同名同作者のルームは同一のものとみなされます
     削除や保存はこちらからです → http://seacolorswind.sakura.ne.jp/eln/?mode=clip
     切り替えるにはomake_config.txtに「hostname. "ホスト名"」という感じで記述してください

     ・空き瓶 ・水 ・汚水 ・食塩水 ・ゲロゲロ ・雪 ・乳
     ・突然変異のポーション(PCに使用した場合) ・進化のポーション(PCに使用した場合)
     ・変異治療のポーション ・下落のポーション ・ヘルメスの血
     ・潜在能力のポーション ・肉体復活のポーション ・精神復活のポーション





     ・「力の」 ……塔タイプ限定のネフィアで、内部では敵味方問わず魔法が使用できません

  ・「魔の」 ……塔タイプ限定のネフィアで、内部では敵味方問わず物理攻撃でダメージを与えることができません



             特殊ネフィアの報酬も3倍になるため、孤独かつ奈落のネフィアだとハーブ * 10 * 3となります             

  ・「影の」 ……洞窟タイプ限定のネフィアで、一部の例外を除いてすべてのキャラクターがシェイドの姿で生成されます

     ゲーム起動時に自動で読み込まれます。ゲーム中にSHIFT + BACKSPACEで再読み込みすることもできます

  ・すべての~            :すべてのアイテムが対象になります
     ・名称不明の~        :名称不明のものが対象になります(血文字の巻物等)
     ・鑑定段階1の~        :鑑定段階が1のものが対象になります(名前のみ判明しているもの)
     ・鑑定段階2の~        :鑑定段階が2のものが対象になります(名前、質、祝福/呪いが判明しているもの)
     ・鑑定段階3の~        :鑑定段階が3のものが対象になります(完全に判明しているもの)
     ・無価値の~            :価値が10以下のものが対象になります
     ・腐った~            :腐っているものが対象になります
     ・腐りきった~        :ゾンビの肉等食べると能力値が低下するものが対象になります
     ・生きている~        :生きているフラグが立っているものが対象になります
     ・粗悪な~            :粗悪なものが対象になります。ここから「堕落した~」までは自然鑑定等で鑑定段階が2以上のものにのみ適用されます
     ・良質な~            :良質なものが対象になります
     ・高品質な~            :高品質なものが対象になります
     ・奇跡の~            :奇跡のものが対象になります
     ・神器の~            :神器のものが対象になります
     ・特別な~            :特別なものが対象になります
     ・貴重な~            :貴重なものフラグが立っているものが対象になります
     ・祝福された~        :祝福されている物が対象になります
     ・呪われた~            :呪われているものが対象になります
     ・堕落した~            :堕落しているものが対象になります

     ・アイテム            :すべてのアイテムが対象になります
     ・近接武器            :読んで字のごとくなので以下の説明は省略します
     ・そのアイテムの正式な名称(一部でも可)        :○長剣 ×ロングソード、○ラムネ ×らむぇ、○アピの実 ○アピ ×アピの実パイ






     設定したい場合はomake_config.txtに「key_title.    "y"」の括弧の中身をコピペしてyの部分を任意のキーに変えてください


     Esc → ゲーム設定 → 拡張設定でゲーム中で書き換えることができます
     ageRndとageは rnd(ageRnd) + age のような計算で年齢を決定します
    ・omake_config.txtに「card_game_off. "1"」と記述することでF3キーを押してもカードゲームが開始されないように変更
     ロダ等に上げる際は別の形式に変換してからにしてね! 約束だよお兄ちゃん!