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A[sic] Observation report, or Experimental Characterization of Dimensional Energy as it is titled in the text itself, and Dimensional Energy Report in book.txt, is a red book exclusive to Elona+. This book is a report on dimensional energy, with parallels towards quantum mechanics research.


Experimental Characterization of
	Dimensional Energy
	by Gavela et al.

Dimensional energy is a form of 
energy capable of trans-dimensional
interaction with objects, including
people. Its existence has long 
been theorized but has lacked 
definitive experimental evidence.

Here we present its 
characterization via Verde-Hermann
experiments with a novel 
dimensional warp unit. We also 
explore the potential 
ramifications and applications of
this technology.

To test Verde-Hermann's postulate
that measurement of dimensional
energy is difficult due to the
dampening of dimensional energy by
the inter-dimensional barrier, we 
perturbed the barrier with a
dimensional warp unit and 
conducted the first and second 
Verde-Hermann tests. The
observational unit used is 
outlined in Appendix 1.

From the data (Appendices 1 to 6),
we have determined that 
dimensional energy is weakened
by a factor of approximately 
0.0025% under normal circumstances.

In the second test, we determined
at a high confidence level that it
is likely that dimensional
energy strength is inversely 
proportional to dimensional 
warpage, conforming to Ariane's 
Laws of Energy. However, we also 
find that when two analogous 
objects A and B are moved such that 
they are in the same dimension, 
rapid dissipation of dimensional
energy occurs. Further experiments
are needed to elucidate the 
mechanism for this phenomenon.

As dimensional energy flows down 
the potential gradient, we find 
find that there is the possibility
that limitless energy can be 
harnessed if dimensions can be linked.

However, we urge caution in the 
long-term harnessing of dimensional 
energy as the effects on the
affected dimensions are yet 
unknown. Furthermore, even if the
harnessing power causes no direct 
effects, it may be deemed an act 
of aggression by inhabitants in 
the other dimension.

To conclude, further research is 
needed for determining how 
analogous existences are linked in
multi-dimensional space, and to 
study the mechanism for that
linkage to develop a practical 
trans-dimensional communications