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The objet of heart is an item in the Elona+ mod of Elona. You can get it by completing the Revenge mountain level 40 given by the bamboo sprout in Ruoza, on the South Tyris continent.

Activating it with the Use command (t) will let you scan an adjacent target or yourself and provide a variety of information about target's "mental state" (mood, hunger, health), and "weak points" (vulnerabilities).

Mental state[]

A wide variety of flavor text that tells the player indirectly about the target pet's mood, hunger, and health. A single status can often correspond to more than one flavor text - one is chosen at random upon use.

Neutral Not thinking anything in particular
Want more stimulation
Remember old things
Am I OK?
Do not think about anything!
I know that you are looking into my heart!
Want you to understand more about myself
Concerned about the weather!
Hungry Hungry and has no strength.
Want to eat anything
Wants to eat a lot
Wants a sweet one
Want to eat delicious home cooking
Happiness > 0 I can work hard today
Such a life is not bad either
Happiness = 10 Want to brag about someone
Very happy!
I am glad that I am alive
Low health (<25%) I may die
I can not afford to fall down yet
I do not want to die... *
I am excited *
Used on self It is a strange feeling of looking into my heart.

Weak point[]

Lists vulnerabilities to elemental attacks, status effects, and physical attack (low PV & DV). Additionally, the lack of a few advantageous bitflags is also indicated here (cFloat, cSeeInvisi, cCureBleeding).

If the scanned pet is of a certain NPC, a unique "vulnerability" may be listed:

Elona+ Custom-GX[]

In Elona+ Custom-GX, objet of heart also allows the player to see numerical stat values on item enchantments such as It improves your Two Hand skill and It grants you resistance to magic. This feature must be enabled in the tweaks menu and works passively as long as the item is in the player's inventory or on the ground under the player.


The item sprite ID for the heart is 654 (Row 19, Column 27) using the item sprite zero-based position system, with a color modifier of 3.