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North Tyris South Border
ティリス関所北側 Teirisu Sekisho Kitagawa
You see North Tyris south border.
Region North Tyris
Location (27,52)
Music mcVillage1
Filename station-nt1.map

Identical to the South Tyris North Border town, it is south of the Ancient Castle. There is a well, and several Mercenary type neutral NPCs, and a few beggars. There are no small medals on the map. The map, while not being a normal town, has a few guards, So, be aware if your karma is too low.


  • Innkeeper (Rank 8)
  • General Vendor (Rank 10)


  • Bartender
  • Inn

What's unique?[]

  • The Caravan Master: Can be male or female. Even though the Caravan Master seems kind of unique, they only very randomly drop cards or statues. Talking to the Caravan Master in North Tyris will allow you to sneak abourd the caravan that heads to South Tyris (this changes in Elona+, detailed below). The trip doesn't take any time, but any random locations will be reset, meaning dungeons will be rerolled.

Notable NPC's[]

  • None

Elona+ differences[]

In the Elona+ mod, the town itself remains largely the same. There are a couple of important differences, though. It can be warped back to with a Return spell, if it didn't work before in normal Elona. The other big change is that the Caravan Master will not take you to South Tyris until you have finished the Main Quest, since the border is closed.