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Noa (also known as Rfish and Lafrontier) is the author of Elona. Little is known about him, except his gender, first initial, last name, and that he likes cats ("Noa" is his cat's name.)

On October 2009, Noa released an Adobe Flash shooter game, Elona Shooter, on Kongregate as means of promoting Elona.

On November 2010, he discontinued the development of Elona and for a limited time released the source code so fans and programmers could continue developing the game. As of date, the most ambitious of these fanmade sequels is Elona+, an Expansion Pack released on 2012, still ongoing, and the only one (partially) available in English; Elona Custom, a full English mod of Elona+, was released in 2016 and is still in active development. For other fanmade sequels and spin-offs, see Elona variants.

On August 2016, Noa announced the closing of the official Elona forums and transferring of the official page following the closure of the Nifty @HomePage service; the old home page is no longer accessible, but the forums are. He also announced a new project, an RPG titled Elin, as a spiritual successor following Elona's 10th Anniversary.


  • The silver cat seems to be his favorite NPC, as it was for a long time his forum avatar and also the default image for sprite debugging. It relates to his fondness for cats.
  • He also seems to have a fondness for the younger sister NPC, as it's the most recurring NPC seen in Elona-related images and projects, plus one of the first returning NPCs seen in Elin (alongside the putit.)
  • Despite the user page linked above, he's no longer active on this wiki.

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