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Example of the clock when Nefia Fever is active.

Nefia Fever is an event which occurs on specific dates in Elona+. It occurs randomly on the 15th day and after each month which is not a multiple of three, and may last for a few days. It was added in version 1.69.

Nefia fever will not last longer than the month.


During Nefia fever, music tickets spawn where gold would sometimes in the dungeon. The amount is determined by the danger level of the dungeon and has a max of seventy tickets. There are fewer fountains spawned, but more altars, equipment spawned is identified and has an increased level.

There are also much more resource gathering spots, but monster spawns are unaffected. Cleared Nefia award 10 debris.


  • Version 2.01
    • Reward for clearing Nefia are increased.
  • Version 1.69
    • Introduced.