Elona Wiki

Many of NPCs are the same in the PC and Mobile versions of Elona, but some have been renamed or are in new locations. Many of the quests the NPCs give you will be the same in both versions, but they may have changed.

Town NPCs[]


  • <Shena> the draw - Located in the Pub, Shena gives you a quest to clear out a small dungeon full of bandits and robbers, accessible by a staircase in the north-east corner of Vernis, near the graveyard.
  • <Miches> the apprentice - Located in a house north of the Town Bulletin Board on the right side. (Mobile) Miches can give you a potion to cure Pumpkin Nightmare if you are under level 15.
  • <Lilian> the dog lover - (aka Rillian) Located in the house to the right of Miches'. Lilian gives you the quest Puppy Cave, which requires you to find <Poppy> the little dog. Poppy is on the Puppy Cave dungeon. Of note, this quest rewards you with the unique Cooler Box.
  • <Loyter> crimson of Zanan - Located in the Pub, Loyter is a high level NPC. He will give the Nightmare! quest to you when your fame is high enough and Enchanted Equipment quest.
  • <Whom dwell in the vanity> - He has the famed Ragnarok sword, and says to leave him alone when you try to talk with him. Do NOT allow him to enter a fight, or Vernis will be a hellscape of dragons and etherwind.
  • <Levythew> the foreman - Gives access to Unknown Lands.
  • <Tim> the dog hater - Gives access to Tim's Warehouse.
  • <Uncle Canine> - The Game Developer's AI robot. Talk to him to give the developer feedback or get support. Gives access to Subspace Gate event.


  • <Xabi> the king of Palmia - The King of Palmia is located in the Northwestern corner of Palmia in the Throne Room. He is important to the main quest.
  • <Stersha> the queen of Palmia - The queen gives a bit of trivia, and will order you onward in the main storyline once Xabi is assassinated.
  • <Erystia> the scholar of history - The scholar is located in the the library, below the throne room. Once you have found the Scout on the third floor of Lesimas and reported to Xabi, she gives you a key to the fourth floor of Lesimas and a quest to find a second Scout on the sixteenth floor. After you found the second scout, she gives another quest to get the three magic stones from various dungeons.
  • <Conery> Palmian major general - The general is located in the throne room, and gives you the Minotaur king quest and Graveyard Theft quest.
  • Coy <Mia> the cat freak - Mia is located in a house south of the northern general shop in Palmia. She gives you the Mia's Dream quest, where she asks you to get her a silver cat.
  • <Abby> the elder -
  • <Jaidee> the nobleman - Gives Abandoned Arena quest.
  • <Lillard> the cemetery watchman - Part of the "Little Girl's Ghost" quest.
  • <Titus> the legend lover -
  • <Connie> the actress -
  • <Hoffman Timothy> the Arena master -
  • <Mengmeng> the hobo - Gives "What's a Computer" quest.
  • <Lilov> the millionaire -
  • Mysterious Eastern Lady <Fubuki> - Part of "May" quest. Gives "Etiquette Mastery" quest.
  • <Joy> the Architect - sells Commercial Street Deed.
  • <Tylor> the Philanthropist - Gives "Philanthropi's Revenge" quest.


  • Mysterious slave master<Hughes Darren> - He buys and sells slaves (i.e. human allies/pets). He is located in the north east corner of the city.
  • <Noel> the bomber - You can buy nukes from her to clear out towns for a massive karma penalty.
  • <Marks> the great thief - When you have gained 3000 fame, Marks gives you permission to enter the Pyramid for the price of 20000GP, which starts the Pyramid Invitation quest.
  • <Abyss> the thief watchman - Abyss is the thieves guild representative and guards the stairs to the guild headquarters.
  • <Sin> the thief guildmaster - Sin is located inside the Thieves' Guild.
  • Prostitutes
  • <Brandon> the Prophet
  • <Alvis> the apprentice - Gives "fake prophet" quest and "Mini cave" quest.
  • <Nicole> the trainee - Gives "Gale Canyon" quest (requires weight >195s).
  • Party Trainee - Gives access to Special Event Dungeons.


  • <Tam> the cat hater - Gives you a quest to kill cats in his basement. (Dungeon level 29)
  • <Gwen> the innocent - Gwen is a orphan girl who will sell you fish after completing her quest. Befriending Gwen is a Yowyn Town Achievement.
  • <Ainc> the novice knight - Ainc gives you the quest Novice Knight, where you have to kill the Yeek Chief in the Yeek Cave.
  • <Gilbert> the carnel - Gilbert gives you the Defense Line quest when your fame is high enough.
  • <Aix> the mask - Gives "Superhero" quest.
  • <Will> the elder - Gives "Minotaur Nest" quest. (dungeon level 24), "Recuse Agriculture Expert" quest.
  • <Garnish> the beggar - Gives Quests.
  • <Laura> the Agriculture Expert - After you rescuse her, she gives "Genetic Modification Plan" quest.
  • <Nisa> the swordsman - Can become ally.

Port Kapul[]

  • <Icolle> the biologist - Icolle is located in the south-west of Port Kapul, and asks you to join his genetics experiment. Saying yes will give you the Ambitious Scientist quest, where he will provide you with six monster balls, five of which you must fill with monsters and return to him. <Icolle> has three new functions; Reborn, Gene Recombination, Potential Swap.
  • <Raphael> the womanizer - Raphael gives the Wife collector quest. The other NPC's think he's the enemy of all women.
  • <Doria> the fighter watchman - Doria is the Fighters' Guild representative, and guards the stairs to guild's headquarters.
  • <Fray> the fighter guildmaster - Fray is located inside the Fighters' Guild. Complete their quest is a Town Achievement.
  • Captain <Olga> - Gives a quest.
  • <Denver> of the fishing association - Gives Fishing Association quest. (Note: The quest is listed as "Future Palmia" but should be Port Kapul.)
  • <Canter> the foreigner - Gives quest.
  • <Maya> the mysterious figure - Gives "Secret Mission" quest if your Karma is over 20 which opens Light/ Dark Domain.
  • <Jessie> the guide - Gives quest.
  • <Luke> the reaper - Luke may appear when you die and resurrect. (Trigger unknown. May require 20+ deaths or you may need to die as a criminal), on his third appeance he can be recruited as an ally. Recruiting Luke is a Town Achievement. Take him to the Light/Dark dungeon entrance to trigger a quest.



<Moen> the juggler

  • Sister <Theresa> - Gives access to Great Glacier dungeon. (Lvl 45)
  • Lonely <Pael> - Pael gives the Mother's Illness quest.
  • Pael's mom <Lily> - Lily is suffering from ether disease.
  • <Ebon> the fire giant - Level 80. Don't attack or release unless you are prepared.
  • <Hayes Johnson> the nun - Sells indulgences. Can remove Good/Evil Treasure traits.
  • <Pic> the snowman – A giant sentient snowman. Gives you a quest.
  • <Moen> the juggler – Merchant who sells jewelry. Also gives snow for crafting. Upgrading his shop is a Town Achievement.

The Embassy[]

  • <The Ambassador> - He is dressed as a clown. He will sell you Guild Camp Deed.
  • Shopkeeper <Sanders Alden> - Sells Deeds, books, and supplies.
  • Shopkeeper <Lewis Gilbert> - Sells furniture and decorations.


<Hebe> the musician from Mayne

  • <Hebe> Musician
  • <Eleanor> Mayne Lord
  • <Hilde> Rookie Scout
  • <Gavin> the pianist
  • <Sherri> the girl
  • <Mandy> the doctor
  • <Frida> the guard chief
  • <Old Tom>
  • <Hirsch> the deer keeper
  • <Kuck> the prince of snow
  • <Pepper>
  • <Sheena>
  • <Gillon>
  • <Pitta> the tough opponent
  • <Connor> the fighter
  • <Corgi> the champion
  • Reindeer
  • <Carlson Morton> shopkeeper

Samuel/ Larna[]

  • Innkeeper <Buckley Eugen> - Buy a meal or Alcohol.
  • Bartender <Craig Nathan> - Set up team and resurrect allies.
  • Souvenir Vendor <Zior Conan> - Sells souvenirs and rare items like Unicorn Horn and Land Mine.
  • <Anthony> the Deputy – Gives Access to Void Space dungeon and Void Shop.
  • <David> the Magician – Return service and Curse Service.
  • Fourtune-teller <Tria> - Gives four Prophecy quest each day.

Other Locations[]

Cyber Dome[]

  • <Strange scientist> - Gives the Little sister quest. Turn in rescued little sisters to exchange for rerolls of Black Star Weapons.

Sister's Mansion[]

  • Younger sister - She sells homemade lunches that heals 30 points of sanity.

Miral and Garok's workshop[]


Beggar Cave[]

  • <Jane> the Maid - Send allies to work, manage home map, mange team.
  • Novice Butler - Ice Pops, Friendship Shop, Double bonus, Bond with Ally.

Guild Camp[]

  • Guild Secretariat <Phobe> - Submit your daily supplies, join expeditions, and collect your expedition rewards.
  • Robot Butler <Harold> (aka Nick) - Lets you un-join a guild.

Truce Ground[]

  • <Kim> Favored by the God of Wealth
    1. Redeem Rift Particles at Rift Shop
    2. Learn about Rift dungeon
    3. Set up team and resurrect ally
    4. Enter the Rift.
  • <Cutie> God's Emissary
    1. Teleports you to Mystic Lake.
    2. Access to Badge Shop
    3. Gives you Escort Totem that allows you to teleport to Mystic Lake
    4. Submit ore to redeem Priest Masks
  • <Gin> Gods Emissary – Gives access to Arena for Gods