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This page lists NPCs with unique functions in each town, for quest givers check the quests (Mobile) page & for vendors check the Vendors (Mobile) page.



  • <Miches> the apprentice - Located in a house north of the Town Bulletin Board on the right side. Miches can give you a potion to cure Pumpkin Nightmare if you are under level 15.
  • <Whom dwell in the vanity> - He has the <Ragnarok> sword, and says to leave him alone when you try to talk with him. Do NOT allow him to enter a fight, or Vernis will be a hellscape of dragons and etherwind.
  • Miners - Can be spoken to for a chance to get acess to a special area with mining spots (Mysterious cave), costs 10k to enter.
  • <Uncle Canine> - The Game Developer's NPC. During specific events, can give access to Subspace Gate or Furniture Shop and also Beta refunds/Rewards.


  • Nobles - Can be spoken to for a chance to get access to a special area with gathering spots (Abandoned Warehouse), costs 10k gold to enter.
  • Architect <Joy> - sells Commercial Street Deed, costs 8 of each token, (Purple, Blue and Gold).
  • Ice Pop Merchant - Talk to him during Sunday to buy Ice Pops, which you can sell to friends for Gold and FP.


  • Mysterious slave master <Hughes Darren> - He sells slaves (i.e. human allies). He is located in the north east corner of the city.
  • <Noel> the bomber - You can buy nukes from her to kill yourself and lose karma while trying to kill bosses instead of gitting gud.
  • <Abyss> the thief watchman - Abyss is the thieves guild representative and guards the stairs to the guild headquarters.
  • Party Trainee - Gave access to Special Event Dungeons, currently not available.


  • Degas the Horse-Couper - Sell Horse allies.
  • Farmers - Can be spoken to for a chance to get access to a special area with gathering spots (Gathering Fields), costs 10k gold to enter.

Port Kapul[]

  • Icolle the biologist - located in the south-west of Port Kapul. Has three functions:
    • Reborn - Allows player to change race and class without losing anything else.
    • Gene Recombination - Allows a mutant player to reroll his body parts
    • Potential Swap - Allows you to swap the potential and grade of two copies of the same unit.
  • <Doria> the fighter watchman - Doria is the Fighters' Guild representative, and guards the stairs to guild's headquarters.
  • Captain Olga - Give access to Tormat and South Tyris.
  • <Denver> of the fishing association - Fishing Association, submit fishes to him to get Fishing Tickets or accept quests to increase your association rank.


  • <Lexus> the guild watchman - Lexus is the Mages' Guild representative and guards the downstairs in the wizard's shop.


  • Sister <Theresa> - Faith shortcut service (Use multiple Scroll of faith at once,)
  • <Ebon> the fire giant - Can be released by interacting with chains, can drop <Bow Of Might> once killed while released, can only be released once per day.
  • <Hayes Johnson> the nun - Sells indulgences. Can remove Good/Evil Treasure traits.
  • <Moen> the juggler – Merchant who sells jewelry, Also gives snow for crafting.


  • <Anthony> the Deputy – Gives Access to Void Space dungeon and Void Shop.
  • <David> the Magician – Return service and Curse Service.
  • Fourtune-teller <Tria> - Gives Prophecies


  • Captain Olga - Takes you to North Tyris
  • Elder Foster Matt - Stat swap and Material Swap

Mayne & Lanka[]

All NPCs in these towns are related to quests and serve no extra function.

Other Locations[]

The Embassy[]

  • <The Ambassador> - He is dressed as a clown. He will sell you Guild Camp Deed if you lose yours.

Cyber Dome[]

  • <Strange scientist> - Gives the Little sister quest. Turn in rescued little sisters to exchange for rerolls of Black Star Weapons.
  • Research Assistant - Gives access to the Testing Grounds.

Sister's Mansion[]

  • Younger sister - She sells homemade lunches that heals 30 points of sanity.

Miral and Garok's workshop[]

  • <Miral> the legendary smith - Redeem your small medals with this dwarf.
  • <Garokk> the legendary smith - Talk to him for fusions, fusions rerolls and fusion wishes.

Beggar Cave[]

  • <Jane> the Maid - Send allies to work, manage home map & mange team.
  • Novice Butler - Ice Pops, Friendship Shop, Double bonus & Manage Ally Bonds.

Guild Camp[]

  • Guild Secretariat <Phobe> - Submit your daily supplies, join expeditions, and collect your expedition rewards.
  • Robot Butler <Harold> (aka Nick) - Lets you leave a guild.

Truce Ground[]

  • <Kim> Favored by the God of Wealth
    1. Redeem Rift Particles at Rift Shop
    2. Learn about Rift dungeon
    3. Set up team and resurrect ally
    4. Enter the Rift.
  • <Cutie> God's Emissary
    1. Teleports you to Mystic Lake.
    2. Access to Badge Shop
    3. Gives you Escort Totem that allows you to teleport to Mystic Lake
    4. Submit ore to redeem Priest Masks
  • <Gin> Gods Emissary – Gives access to Arena for Gods


  • Wandering Vendors - Will sell Blue and Purple gear of low quality, you can try to steal its goods, has Nether or Magic Dust in the map. (PS, if you attack him to steal and don't kill him, you wont lose any Karma)
  • Rogue Bosses - Will try to steal your cargo and money, will let you go without combat if you're too poor.
  • Monsters ambushes - Will ambush you, has Nether or Magic Dust on the map.