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For generic hostile NPC's, see Bestiary.

The page on custom NPCs can be found here. NPC sprites can also be customized.


  • <Shena> the draw - Located in the Pub, Shena gives you a quest to clear out a small dungeon full of bandits and robbers, accessible by a staircase in the north-east corner of Vernis, near the graveyard. Many of the other NPCs comment on her ass, and there is an artifact "scentful panty" named after her (but usually held by some noble at a party time quest).
  • <Miches> the apprentice - Located in a house north of the Town Bulletin Board on the right side, Miches gives you the quest Putit Infestation, which involves going into the basement of the house next to hers and killing all the creatures inside. Though the quest itself is marked as being Level 6, a number of difficult enemies are present in the last room, which include Slimes and Bubbles.
  • <Rilian> the dog lover - Located in the house to the right of Miches'. Rilian gives you the quest Puppy Cave, which requires you to find <Poppy> the little dog. Poppy is on the bottom floor of the Puppy Cave, southwest of Vernis. Of note, this quest rewards you with the unique Cooler Box.
  • <Loyter> crimson of Zanan - Located in the Pub, Loyter is a very strong NPC that will regularly throw rocks at you if you attempt to perform in his vicinity (this includes all performance quests, which he has a tendency to attend). He will also give the Nightmare! quest to you when your fame is high enough.


  • <Xabi> the king of Palmia - The King of Palmia is located in the Northwestern corner of Palmia in the Throne Room. He is important to the main quest. Be sure to collect his statue as early as possible, as he will be assassinated during the main storyline.
  • <Erystia> the scholar of history - The scholar is located in the the library, below the throne room. Once you have found the Scout on the third floor of Lesimas and reported to Xabi, she gives you a key to the fourth floor of Lesimas and a quest to find a second Scout on the sixteenth floor. After you found the second scout, she gives another quest to get the three magic stones from various dungeons.


  • The slave master - He sells slaves (i.e. pets) and also buys any pets you don't want. He is located in the north east corner of the city, inside the wall.
  • <Noel> the bomber - Noel is located in the Pub, and gives you the quest Red Blossom in Palmia, where you have to buy a Nuke off her for 12000GP and use the Nuke on a rag doll in Palmia. Doing so will destroy the city of Palmia and give you -200 (-100 as of 1.14) Karma. Palmia will eventually rebuild after a week or two.


  • <Tam> the cat hater - Tam is located in the Pub, and gives you a quest to kill cats in a basement on the south side of Yowyn, just south of the Informer. This quest should not be done until a very high level, as many high-level monsters are located just beyond one of the walls, and will break through that wall and kill you very quickly.
  • <Gwen> the innocent - Gwen is a little girl who will follow you around Yowyn. Do note that like all other non-speaking NPCs, you will automatically target her if she is the closest person to you when you hit the fire button with no actual enemies around.

Port Kapul[]

  • The Master of the pet arena - He allows your allies to engage others in the arena, giving you the rank for salary purposes.
  • <Icolle> the biologist - Icolle is located in the south-west of Port Kapul, and asks you to join his genetics experiment. Saying yes will give you the Ambitious Scientist quest, where he will provide you with six Level 5 monster balls, five of which you must fill with monsters and return to him. Note that he will accept ANY filled monster ball. If you happen to fill a level 1-4 monster ball you can turn those in and keep the superior ones for yourself.



  • The Sister - The sister will allow low karma characters to buy indulgences to get rid of negative karma.
  • Pael's mom <Lily> - Lily is suffering from ether disease. Kill her at least once before you finish the Mother's Illness quest, since there are different figures for her current and changed sprite.
  • <Moyer> the crooked - Moyer sells rings, necklaces, and other things for huge prices. After you finish Mother's Illness, you have the choice of selling Pael's mom to him. Strangely enough, he does not have a guaranteed figure and card drop like other unique NPCs.
  • <Ebon> the fire giant - Ebon is level 80, so unless you're super powerful, or you have a good escape plan, don't let him free. Attempting to attack him while he is chained, will make you lose 2 karma every time the hit connects. Note that he will always strike at Moyer the moment you set him free, so if you teleport away you can watch as all the other NPCs attempt to take him down only to be slaughtered. If you are sufficiently fire resistant (or if you can make it rain) and watch your steps, you can even collect whatever loot that is not burnt to dust. Palmian elite soldiers and tourists will also constantly spawn while he is free.

Cyber Dome[]

Sister's Mansion[]

  • Younger sister - She sells homemade lunches that heals 30 points of sanity.


  • Dye Vendor - This vendor sells dyes, which are otherwise hard to locate.

Miral and Garok's workshop[]

  • <Garokk> the legendary smith - Garokk doesn't do anything for you (other than feed your museum), and brushes you away when you talk to him. He is a bad cook, according to Miral.




These NPCs are unique monsters usually found in dungeons, although they may also be found on the world map. Once killed, they do not return.