The Mystic Lake is a location where you can make offerings and summon Gods.

You can enter Mystic Lake using an Escort Totem or talking to <Cutie> Gods' Emissary at the Truce Ground.

You can currently only make offering of Priest Masks. Priest Mask are rewarded during events or can be redeemed by <Cutie> Gods' Emissary in exchange for offering of ore. You start with 4 offering slots. Additional slots can be bough with diamonds. Speed up summoning with Sand of Time hourglass.

After making an offering and waiting for the ritual to complete, a random God is summoned. You can choose to attack the god who is Level 1999. Sometimes you will summon a lower level minor god or mythical creature instead. If you choose to attack them, they drop God Marks and hourglasses.

Use the Mystic Tome to interact.

  1. Divine Offerings: Give offerings such as Priest Masks to summon Gods.
  2. God Descends: Get rewards for summoning milestones
  3. Tome of Gods: See how many times you have summoned each god.

Major Gods

  • Mani of Machines (Level 1999)
  • Lulwy of Wind (Level 1999)
  • Itzpalt of Element (Level 1999)
  • Ehekatl of Luck (Level 1999)
  • Opatos of Earth (Level 1999)
  • June of Healing (Level 1999)
  • ?
  • ?
  • Anniversary <Uncle Canine>
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Minor Gods

  • <Doug> - (Level 1999) Race: God of Machinery
  • <Ostrovsky> - (Level 1999) Race: Cat God
  • Frisia the Cat Queen - (Level 1999) Race: Cat God
  • Mythical Creatures: Merman - (Level varies 50-250) Race: Naga
  • Mythical Creatures: Cerberus -
  • Mythical Creatures: ?

From the in-game help:

"1. How to enter: Talk to God's Emissary [cutie] at Truce Grounds and you will be teleported to the Mystic Lake.

2. How to get sacrificial items: Give ores to God's Emissary [cutie] at Truce Ground and you will receive sacrificial items; sacrificial items can also be obtained from the Friendship Shop

3. The sacrificial offering takes a while to complete, but you can use Sand of Time to hasten the process.

4. During the offering, you might alert the magic creatures of the Mystic Lake. They are friendly, but defeating them will give you rewards."

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