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Mutations are permanent effects that raise/lower your stats and other attributes. These are not to be confused with Ether Disease or the Mutant class. Unlike Ether Disease, Mutations are purely positive or purely negative, and can be stacked to provide higher bonuses or penalties. Mutations cannot be cured with a potion of cure corruption. They can be removed with potions of cure mutation, which will remove random mutations, both positive and negative. Your character's mutations can be viewed on the Feats screen. When you obtain a mutation, a message will appear in the messages window. Positive mutations will always have a green message, negative mutations will be in red.

How to Mutate[]

Mutations can be obtained in several different ways, including:

  • quaffing water out of a fountain or well.
  • quaffing a potion of evolution (always beneficial) or potion of mutation (random).
  • Wishing for "evolution" will give you several potions of evolution.
  • Wishing for "mutation" will give you several potions of mutation.
  • The "monster" dream may cause you to mutate.
  • The "Deformed Eye" monster has an attack that can mutate you.
  • The "Chaos Eye" monster has an attack that can mutate you.
  • Using the "Mutation" spell.

List of mutations[]

Mutation names aren't actually displayed anywhere in-game.


Weak Arm

Your arms become thin.

Your arms are just decorative. -9
Your arms are very thin. -6
Your arms are thin. -3
Strong Arm

Your arms grow stronger.

Your arms are well-knit. +3
Your have well-muscled arms. +6
You have ideal arms. +9


Creaking Joint

Your joints creak.

You have terrible joint creakings. -9
You are worrying about your joint creakings. -6
Your joints creak. -3
Flexible Joint

Your joints become flexible.

Your joints are flexible. +3
Your joints are very flexible. +6
Your joints are extremely flexible. +9


Color Blind

Your sight is weakened.

You are blind in one eye. -10
You are partially color-blind. -5
Hawk Eye

Your eyes glow.

You have cat eyes. +5
You have hawk eyes. +10


Husky Voice

Your voice becomes scary.

Everyone is frightened when you talk. -10
Your voice is husky. -5
Sweet Voice

Your voice becomes lovely.

Your voice is sweet. +5
Your voice charms everyone. +10



Your brain degenerates.

You are really stupid. -8
You are stupid. -4
Brain Computer

Your brain is mechanized!

Your brain is mechanized. +4
Your brain is fully mechanized. +8


Twisted Leg

Your legs are twisted!

Your legs are broken. -15
Your legs are very twisted. -10
Your legs are twisted. -5
Lithe Leg

Your legs become lithe.

Your legs are lithe. +5
Your legs are very lithe. +10
You have ideal legs. +15

Armor (PV)[]


Your skin becomes pale.

Your skin is collapsing. -9
Your skin is fragile. -6
Your skin is white. -3
Iron Skin

Your skin becomes harder.

Your skin is hard. +3
Your skin is very hard. +6
Your skin is hard as iron. +9



Your metabolism slows down.

You constantly have an attack of anemia. --
You suffer from anemia. -
Troll Blood

Suddenly your blood become greenish!

Your wounds regenerate fast. +
Your wounds regenerate instantly. ++


Mutation Message Description
Magic Res± You gain resistance to magic. You have resistance to magic.
You lose resistance to magic. You have weakness to magic.
Sound Res± Your eardrums become thick. Your eardrums are thick.
Your eardrums are thin. Your eardrums become thin.
Fire Res± Your blood starts to boil. Your blood is boiling.
Your skin gets gooseflesh. Your skin gets gooseflesh.
Cold Res± You feel hot-headed. Your skin is covered by frost.
You shiver. Your skin is sheer.
Lightning Res± You gain resistance to lightning. You have resistance to lightning.
You lose resistance to lightning. You have weakness to lightning.


Description You have no trouble eating human flesh.
Gain You are charmed by the taste of human flesh.
Loss You can no longer accept human flesh.


Mutation spell no longer mutates the player.

Omake Overhaul[]

Description Your stomach can digest anything

Elona Mobile[]

For status effects and mutations in mobile see the Feats (mobile) page.