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Music ticket is an item you can get from performing and doing performance related quests. It currently has no use, and it cannot be sold. If given to pets, it can be sold - see below. The amount of tickets given at the end of a performance quest seems to be related to your final score. (i.e; 593 passing score rewards usually 59-60 tickets.)

When given to your allies, the music tickets cannot be reclaimed and are eventually sold for gold, much like Ore or Small Medals. When sold this way, they bring 1gp per ticket - a tenth of what a junk stone brings. So don't give them to allies; it's not like they're heavy.

But they have their initial value, so you can trade using them (adventurers, "I want it!"...), though you'll need a lot of tickets to do so.


I538-Music ticket.png

In Elona+, you can trade Music tickets with rich person <Stoke> in Arcbelc for rare foods, diaries, and precious items. Moreover, Music tickets can now be obtained in dungeons during Nefia fever mode.

In Larna, his grandson Child Wel will trade card packs for 500 tickets and a bottle of speed upper for 8000 tickets.

Name Price(Tickets)
a stomafillia 1000
a <Vernis Original> 1500
a curaria 1500
a alraunia 2000
a spenseweed 2000
a mareilon 2000
a morgia 2000
a OlderSister's diary 4000
a butler's diary 4500
the <Bamagicar> 5000
a Dog sister's diary 6000
a fixity anchor 6500
the <Necromantis> 7000
a bottle of speed upper 8000
the <Stradivarius> 9000
the <Valkoinen Kuolema> 10000
a Hero cheese 35000
a Magic fruit 35000
a Happy apple 50000

In Elona+ Custom-G, Stoke also sells a <Super Lure> for 10000 tickets.


The sprite number for the music ticket is 538.