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Mountain Pass
山道 Dozandō
M146-Puppy Cave.png
You see an entrance leading to the Mountain Pass.(Approximate danger level: 25)
Region North Tyris
Location (64,43)
Music mcDungeon5
Filename N/A

The Mountain Pass is a four-level dungeon of Danger Level:25 found south of Lumiest and is the only way to access the town of Larna. Once you have traveled through it and reached Larna, the town becomes a destination for the Return spell and repeated visits to the Pass are optional.

Each level of the dungeon is generated as a tunnel, with a much smaller x value than y value. The downstairs on each level will tend to be towards the bottom, and the upstairs at the top. Once generated, the dungeon layout does not change.

Typical monsters encountered here include the higher chess pieces, minotaurs, red/blue baptists, aliens, and others of similar strength. Be careful, because sometimes even stronger NPCs appear.

Using spells or scrolls of minor teleportation here often functions much like using teleportation, as it is very likely to select a space obstructed by a wall. Any time that would happen, it instead selects a new spot to teleport you to without considering the usual ten space limit.

Once Larna has been unlocked as a destination for the spell of Return, the Mountain Pass may be used as a fairly quick way to return to Lumiest or Noyel. Alternately, players with adequate food supplies may elect to wall off the upstairs on the top level with Wall Creation to create a small, one-tile room the player may quickly Return to via Larna in order to read skillbooks or use a training machine numerous times during harsh weather or Etherwind, without advancing time at the accelerated rate as at your home or a shelter. Players that choose to do this will need to teleport or dig the wall and then possibly contend with a large number of spawned monsters if they need to traverse the pass normally. (Unless the entire floor except for the stairs are filled in, in which case teleporting will eventually bring you directly to the empty opposite stairs where monsters will not spawn. Curiously, monsters continue to spawn inside the walls if you do this, but die instantly without dropping items or giving experience.)