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The <Moonlight> (a shining sword when unidentified), is a lightsabre type weapon with a greenish tint, introduced in the Elona+ mod of Elona. It can be dropped by Yerles cyborg soldiers, ( a 1/200 chance).

A reference to FromSoftware, makers of the King's Field, Souls, and Armored Core series of games, which each include an incarnation of the Moonlight sword.


It weighs 1.0s
Item-basic.gif It is made of ether.
Item-basic.gif It speeds up the ether disease while equipping.
Item-basic.gif It is acidproof.
Item-basic.gif It is fireproof.
Item-basic.gif It is precious.
Item-weapon.gif It can be wielded as a weapon. (2d16 Pierce 100%)
Item-weapon.gif It is a light weapon.
Item-weapon.gif It modifies hit bonus by 10 and damage bonus by 1.
Item-special.gif It invokes Shining Wave. [#####+] (500)
Item-skill.gif It enhances your meditation. [#####](+21)
Item-skill.gif It enhances your body metabolism. [#####](+21)
Item-stat.gif It increases your Speed by 5.
Item-special.gif It negates the effect of blindness.
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.




A beautiful long sword of light said to make use of stones that were collected from the moon for its oscillator. It converts excess produced energy into a wave of light.

~Irva Fantasy Encyclopedia~


The item sprite ID for the <Moonlight> is 671 (Row 20, Column 11) using the item sprite zero-based position system, with a color modifier of 5.