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Mission from Amurdad
I have been asked by Amurdad in Amur-Cage.
Quest giver Amurdad
Location Amur-Cage
Rec. level 150
Requirements None
Task Escort a stray soul out of a 6 floor dungeon
Reward The Astral Sickle (one time)
1 jewel of tear of god

This quest was added in the 2.05 update of Elona+.

This quest is repeatable. Low chance of being available again once a day passes and player is not in Amur-Cage.

When available again, you will see on transition to a new day in the log: Your journal has been updated. You have received a rescue request from <Amurdad>.


Teleport is disabled. You also cannot return, escape, or save while in here.

You fail if the (real time + animations, minus menu/dialogue window) timer runs out, you die, or the escort NPC dies.

Your goal is to descend to the bottom, pick up the escort stray soul npc, and ascend back up, now with several enemies in your way. Pick the right fingertip staircase each floor to progress on your ascent. (If there is a logical correlation to how it looks and where you go, it is lost on me.)

There are several left-hand-shaped maps full of clinghost and death fog spawned in large quantities, starting from floor 5 (5f). On 4f - 2f, many more will spawn, and faster, along with some pale inviters to move enemies around.

Wrong staircase choices puts you in an upside-down hand room with eye floor tiles and hellabyrinth rulers, with the one on the stairs being a boss with increased level (level 188 instead of 151). More hellabyrinth rulers spawn as you get higher up as well, increasing odds your escort will die in the process unless you or a pet draws aggro. On exit, will put you back on the same floor you were on, and perhaps with a different layout.


Prepare with the following: A mount you can ride with some bulk and high enough speed (ideally, you want to be able to outrun the clinghost at minimum), the Hyper Dash special action, a Magaqua for you (and your mount), and a nice stock of Wall Creation (or a rod of it with dozens of charges).

I would recommend no other pets as well, unless you are going to fight through most of it anyway.

On accepting, you will be transported into a dungeon. Rush downward to the set of stairs on the first map, then at the "thumb" 4 more times. This will put you at 6f. Move left. You'll see the stray soul below the water's edge, which looks like a town child. Talk to it and pick any option. At this time, throw on any buffs you feel you may need; I'd suggest Holy Veil, Attribution Shield, Holy Shield, Regeneration, and maybe Hero. Go up the stairs.

Essentially, hyper dash and run. Be sure to get aggro of/kill the closest enemies at bare minimum, maybe a few more early in the room. Don't worry about stamina; you only need to reach the stairs.

If you need, block off the stray soul with wall creation. Run toward the nearby clinghost to kill it (with your mount helping) and put some distance between yourself and the escort. Beware placing the wall runs down the timer; don't take too long to place it.

Keep an eye on your + mount's health. The sheer mass of enemies is going to deal some damage at minimum, even if well geared.

You'll get dialogue boxes to appear on 3f and 1f. They are flavor text and affect nothing. Use them as a quick break if needed.

Complete spoilers about what to do and where to go for the quest here. Click "Expand" to show.

So, just to be clear: from right to left... the fingers are index, middle, ring, and pinky. See how the minimap looks.

  • 5f: Gray middle finger = go to the index finger. Gray pinky finger = go to pinky finger.
  • 4f: Index gray, middle finger red, ring green, pinky gray = go to middle finger. Alternating red and gray fingers = go to ring finger.
  • 3f: Index red, middle blank, ring gray, pinky red = go to ring finger. 3 green and 1 gray = go to index finger.
  • 2f: Gray middle finger, rest red = pinky finger. Gray index + middle, red ring + pinky = middle finger.
  • 1f: See minimap. Dig toward that dot on minimap at top left or top right. It's the actual final staircase. Not all black tiles actually walls. Don't approach NPC.

For 3f and 2f, highly recommend blocking escort with wall creation from this point if not already doing so. Spawn counts will be high, and a death fog is very likely to kill off your escort here. On earlier floors, you can get by just killing the first clinghost/death fog and running for it.

You have plenty of time if you aren't fighting. Don't be stingy with wall creation placement.

If you feel a need, a Destiny dice (with a decent hero buff) should be enough to 1 shot the Pale Inviter and help ensure aggro. Not strictly necessary and uses a turn, but if you don't do wall creation, you likely will need it to kill off the first pale inviter (below thumb) at minimum.


Aside from the Astral Sickle, there are 4 possible jewels that Amurdad can give. See the artifact fusion page for the time listing and details.


  • Failing the quest when taking it for the first time will prevent the player from receiving the Astral Sickle. Corrected in version 2.06.
  • It's possible for the escort stray soul to spawn outside of the thumb area on floors 5f to 2f, and thus get killed immediately. Seen a few times in version 2.05.