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Miral and Garok's Workshop
工房ミラル・ガロク Kōbō Miraru Garoku
You see Miral and Garok's Workshop.
Region North Tyris
Location (88,25)
Music mcRuin
Filename smith0.map

Miral and Garok's Workshop as seen from the map editor

Category:Miral and Garok's Workshop

Miral and Garok's Workshop is located south of Noyel. With Miral, you can trade in Small Medals for a number of (often rare) items including scrolls, weapons, diaries that spawn pets, and more. You can also use small medals here to increase the size of your cart. In Elona+ and Mobile you can also get services from Garokk.

Medals are uncommon. It is advised that one saves medals for the commensurately rare items that cannot be obtained any other way.

The things you can buy:[]

Scrolls and Potions:

Ally summoning Diaries:

Weapons and Armor:

Other items:

You can also increase your cart space, with the cost depending on current cart limit. Each upgrade increases your cart space by 10s but subsequent upgrades increases in price by one medal each time (the first upgrade costs 1 medal, the second cost 2 medals, etc.).

Note: the Shield Tonfa, Sage's Helm, and Diablo cannot be reacquired through small medals; a second purchase will instead net you a randomly-generated artifact shield, helm, or sword, respectively.

Elona +[]

In Elona+ it costs bronze coins to upgrade the cart instead of small medals. The first upgrade costs 1 bronze coin, the second 2, and so on until 10 bronze coins. All further upgrades cost 10 bronze coins.

Elona Mobile[]

In Elona Mobile, Miral and Garok's Workshop is located directly east of Palmia and south of Noyel, on the left edge of the map.

In Mobile, there are no Static Small Medals to be found. You can get Small Medals from chests in dungeons (Luck stat may effect chances), from completing Kingdom Bounty and Event rewards.


<Miral> will upgrade your cargo cart and sell items for Small Medals as described above. However the list of item for sale has changed slightly.

  • A Pure Black Sword (65 medals) *Maybe the same as Diablo sword.
  • Exotic Building (11 medals) *May be the same as "Shrine Gate"
  • Impure Blood (50 medals)
  • Resort Deed (58 medals)


<Garok> allows you to upgrade equipment using 'Fusion'. You can add stats to equipment by consuming other equipment of the same quality. (Except Red quality equipment which can also consume Orange equipment.) Purple and Orange quality can gain two stats. Red quality can gain 3 stats. Fusion requires "Equipment Fusion Essence" potions as payment. If you have reached the max fusion attempt and are not satisfied with the results, Garok has a Re-fusion service, that requires "Fusion Wish Bottles".

Garok can recast Special [Red] Equipment enchantments for 25 Diamonds. 1/3 chance to get 0, 1 or 2 enchantments.

Note: Equipment must be unlocked to give or receive a fusion enhancement.