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Mirage tower with NPC and medal locations

In the desert, you can see the tower. - Description of the Mirage tower on the world map.

Mirage tower[]

The Mirage Tower is a new area added in Elona+ version 1.20. It can be found in the desert in Lost Irva, near the lower-right corner of the continent. There are several "false mirage towers" that state "When you try to enter the tower, tower already have dissipated as mirage..." and you land in the wilderness. These towers have no description if they are targeted on the world map, so you can use this to check if the one you are heading towards is the real one. Not only does it have a description, but it will also light up during the night in case you don't see it immediately.

The first floor has many of the shops and services of a normal town, but is currently without a board for quests.

The neutral NPCs include black cats, twintails, sand worms, a scorpion, and a cat. The god pets here cannot be captured with monster balls or domination, but can be killed without repercussions. The twintails can be dominated, but surprisingly the sand worms and scorpion cannot.

It uses track number 61 for it's music (mcSand).


  • General vendor (Rank 35)
  • Magic vendor (Rank 21)
  • Blacksmith (Rank 22)
  • Innkeeper (Rank 28)


  • Inn
  • Trainer
  • Bartender
  • Healer
  • Wizard
  • Informer

Notable NPCs[]

Small Medal Locations[]

The map has 3 medals, with their exact locations on the included map.

Oasis in tower[]

Oasis in tower, with NPC and medal locations

The second floor is an entirely new area, although it is still very small. The neutral NPCs include many black angels, and prisoners. Like the floor below, the god pets cannot be captured with monster balls or domination.

There are several maidsanns as shopkeepers as well.

It uses track number 26 for it's music (mcCasino).


  • Maidsann (Food vendor Rank 30)
  • Maidsann (Baker Rank 20)
  • Maidsann (Magic vendor Rank 18)


  • None

Notable NPCs[]

  • <Arasiel>: Appearing as the evolved version of a black angel, she sits on her throne in the lower left corner. She is even more dangerous than the other gods on the continent, so be very prepared before you pick a fight with her.

Small Medal Locations[]

The map has 3 more medals, with their exact locations on the included map.