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Labyrinths always make Minotaurs feel at home.

The Minotaur's Nest is a level 20 optional dungeon located directly south of Yowyn. It's quite a wide map, with five floors total and a labyrinthine layout comprised of narrow, almost identical corridors, making such navigation in this map is quite difficult. Unlike other patterned dungeons, the items scattered around are generated randomly. The dungeon itself is static, meaning that items and monsters stay inside once generated.

This location is the mission target for the Minotaur King quest, given by Conery Palmian major general.

As the name implies, it's the home of various Minotaur NPCs along with regular monsters. While the Minotaurs and Minotaur boxers are not too hard to deal with, player should be careful while encountering Minotaur magicians, as the narrow corridors make it almost impossible to dodge their elemental bolts, possibly destroying armor and items if not properly protected against elemental damage. Minotaur kings, a considerably buffed-up version of the regular Minotaur, can prove to be a challenge as well. In general, the layout itself could be considered the greatest hazard in this map.


  • Axe of Destruction. (equipped by the boss, drops upon his death)
  • Any random items spawned in the map.


Upon reaching the fifth floor, Ungaga the minotaur king will spawn in the map. While he lacks special skills or spells, he can tank a lot of damage and wields the Axe of Destruction. The Axe of Destruction grants him with great amounts of damage potential and critical chance at the cost of hit chance, meaning that while Ungaga may continually miss attacks, any of them have the potential of taking a large chunk of HP or, if the player doesn't have sufficient PV, one-hit killing them.

To deal with Ungaga, it's recommended to attack him from afar with ranged attacks or magic, while pets support in the front. Ungaga can be inflicted with blindness, which makes him unable to do anything. If the player has no choice but to attack from melee, then they should increase PV as much as possible; another riskier option is going the opposite direction, packing as much DV as possible coupled with high Evasion, Greater Evasion, and (in Elona+) the Feather spell and praying Ungaga doesn't land a critical.