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Mining is a constitution based skill that affects the character's ability to dig through walls and to find materials at mining sites. After digging through walls, you will occasionally find ores, gold, and (very rarely) small medals.

To dig through a wall, stand next to the wall and press D, or z and then 3, and then select the direction you wish to dig. To dig in your own square, press Space, Enter or 5.

You will find more gold and better ores in better places. Mining Your Home rewards depending on its rank, while mining dungeons rewards depending on the danger level of the current floor. Towns have a DL of 1--as can be verified by casting Return in wizard mode--so their rewards are minimal. Forts of Chaos have a DL of roughly 25 (the game claims it to be 666, but that isn't true) and reward quite well with very little danger associated, as there are no enemies there as long as you don't walk too far up.

An easy way to train mining and constitution is to dig through the walls in any town. This way, you can eat and sleep in the inn, when the need arise.

Another easy way to train (and unlimited) is to mine in your house. You can just replace the walls using house board.

As your mining skill increases, the turns (and thus, stamina) needed to knock down a wall decreases.


As of version 1.23 of Elona+, ores are only dropped in random cave dungeons, and gold is only dropped in towns.

Starting from version 1.27, mining in forest dungeons drop acorns and sometimes four-leaf clovers.

In version 1.33R, mining in fort or tower dungeons yield stone materials (used by the pot for fusion) and, rarely, safes.

In version 1.37, pets who have the skill mining and have an impression(>100) can help collect materials after defeating enemies. You can then interact with them by Talk->Receive Materials to get the materials they have collected.

Elona Mobile[]

In Mobile, you must have a Pickaxe equipted in order to mine. Long-press to place the pickaxe in a shortcut slot for quick access.

Mining can be trained by serching Rock Piles, found in Cave and Forest type randon dungeons.

Trained skill[]

You may learn Mining from the trainers in Vernis and Derphy.



  • None


  • #mining may increase Mining by 1 level and train its potential, but may raise Control Magic instead.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, it was not known to be possible to train Mining via wishing.

Instant mining[]

If you don't care about finishing the tutorial, a good thing is to stop while you are asked to dig a wall in your house. The only thing you have to do is going out in a town, and dig any wall. Then, every time you'll dig a wall, it will be instantly broken.

Be careful though, because if you dig any wall in your house, the effect will be gone.

This exploit is gone as of Elona+ 1.19, and if you go to Vernis before finishing the tutorial, it will permanently end and Lomias and Lanniere will leave your house for good.