283-284 mimic.png
Level 30 Metal
Str: 18(Hopeless) Con: 11(Hopeless) Dex: 15(Hopeless)
Per: 148(Hopeless) Lea: 13(Hopeless) Wil: 18(Hopeless)
Mag: 18(Hopeless) Cha: 94(Hopeless)
Life: 1 Mana: 100 Speed: 1024
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Healing: 23 (5%)
Shield: 21 (4%)
Heavy Armor: 23 (5%)
Medium Armor: 23 (5%)
Light Armor: 23 (5%)
Evasion: 23 (5%)
Stealth: 23 (5%)
Greater Evasion: 23 (5%)
Magic Capacity: 23 (5%)
Faith: 23 (5%)
Meditation: 23 (5%)

Long Sword: 23 (5%)
Axe: 23 (5%)
Martial Arts: 35 (6%)
Scythe: 23 (5%)
Blunt: 23 (5%)
Polearm: 23 (5%)
Stave: 23 (5%)
Short Sword: 23 (5%)
Bow: 23 (5%)
Crossbow: 23 (5%)
Throwing: 23 (5%)
Firearm: 23 (5%)


Fire: Normal
Cold: Normal
Lightning: Normal
Darkness: Normal
Mind: Normal
Poison: Normal

Nether: Normal
Sound: Normal
Nerve: Normal
Chaos: Normal
Magic: Superb

Mimics are found in Elona+ mod of Elona. They do not belong to any class.

Despite their low stats, mimics are dangerous enemies for the unprepared. A mimic's life purpose is to sit in one spot imitating some usable item (treasure ball when female and downstairs when male), watch adventurer's movement and explode (must be Suicide attack special action) right after he comes into melee range. A mimic might also explode when damaged. Decent perception and superb magic resistance help mimic to evade ranged and magical attacks. A critically hurt mimic (5 hp) will use the vanish special action. A blinded mimic will not explode until it can see again. Some things give mimic away: elliptic shadow under feet like all creatures have, slightly shifted upwards sprite and getting auto-targeted when fire button is pressed.

A way to deal with mimics or any other exploding enemy is by hurling potions at them, as suicide attacks cannot be activated when wet. However, mimics' high speed will wear off any status effects inflicted very quickly, so caution is still needed if you aim to kill one.

Mimics have high charisma. If given negotiation via gene engineering, a mimic could make good shopkeepers.



  • cardmic creates a card of mimic.
  • figuremic creates a figurine of mimic.


Sprites used for mimics are 316 (male) and 317 (female).

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