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  • Hi Zeo, just to answer the question you asked in the deleted spam comment: the best way of reporting spam would be to shoot a brief note about it on my wall. I check the wiki daily - even when I don't have the time to contribute on a daily basis, spam removal is always a priority.

    In case our existing pages get vandalized with spam links, feel free to edit them out and report the vandal. If a new spam article is posted, feel free to tag it with the DELETE template.

    Thanks for your help! :)

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  • Good day. I've been casually messing around with EloSnack lately, trying to fill the gaps in existing X_c1.txt files, that you humbly provided in latest update 14/08/2015, as noted on EloSnack page next to 'Updated Snack files', in order to make a more 'complete' .snack file with more options to choose. I've managed to add offsets for most, if not all, special actions in X_spact.txt as of version 1.69 of E+C, as well as 'Ether:Ears of a Beast' in X_trait.txt. It gave me a strong opportunity to test any of new abilities, and put them on the chart for future reference, throughout the whole process, but that's besides the point.

    Quite recently, i've stumbled upon a fact, that there are much.. much more files of .c1 format resting inside of character's save folder, which didn't have their own X_c1.txt files. One of those files was an Elona Custom's AI settings file called aidata.c1. At the time i wasn't totally aware of how to create a X_c1.txt file, that would work with EloSnack, so i was eager to find that out. I've created a dummy file, refering to aidata.c1, that displayed intarray with several objects and unnamed offsets, to try to find if there any values being stored, and to my surprise, it actually did! More so, it gave me a clear image, for how to create additional tabs in .snack file. For quite a while i was refining X_aidata.txt, and adding names and brief descriptions for each offset, respecting their function. The end result was more than satisfying to me, but i didn't stop there. For a while, i've been trying to apply my newly gained knowledge on some of the other .c1 files, some of which turned out to be working, namely: card.c1; gdatan.c1; pcc.c1; qname.c1; tweaks.c1. Some of the others, however, didn't work, or, seemingly had no information stored inside. Side note: presumably .c2 format files, stored inside character's save and tmp directory work with EloSnack, though i haven't investigated it well.

    Long story short - apparently i've found how to extend .snack file's options beyond what was documented, and wanted to b̶r̶a̶g̶ ̶a̶b̶o̶u̶t̶ share this information. All in all, it was a fun ride, and i enjoyed the process for the most part. Not sure if this was known or done before. My appology for any terminology hiccups - I'm more of a standart user than a modder.

    P.S. - I had an issue where the message that i sent you previously didn't appear for me, so i was unsure if you recieved it at all. I re-sent it just to be sure you receive this. Potential doublepost was unintentional.

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    • well on the brightside, you had my files as a base to understand it, i had to work it all out from more or less square 0

      and half of sdata is temp data that would get reset apon even the mildest change so there only a reason to have it up to view the numbers; there just no reason to exlude vars

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    • I see your point (or atleast i think so), that there's no reason to exlude certain parts of structure. Wish i knew what the deal with sdata was exactly.

      Also, is something wrong with pcc.s1 that i provided? elonaplus{v6.1}.snack doesn't seem to have it anymore.

      P.S. - I think i'm confusing terms for structures and objects.

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  • Hi Zeo, I tried the cheat tables you talked about, and they're pretty cool! The item table I calibrated with item count (pretty easy). I'm impressed with the way you used binaries for the Flag values - I didn't know it's even possible, and looks quite handy. Do you think these would work with pointers?

    Speaking of which, I wonder whether pointers I found would work for others. They have worked for me for every standard E+ version I can think of, but not E+ custom. It'd be very helpful if you could give 'em a try to see whether they actually work across the board, or is just me (wouldn't be the first time, haha).

    Thanks! :)

    Also, I found it interesting that you have split your tables by theme (item, NPC). I suppose it's more organized that way. I use a single elona.ct table that has addresses for the PC, the first pet, the first NPC and the first item in inventory, all in one big pile, separated only by headers. A big mess, as you can imagine. XD

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    • Well in the end.. the obscure stuff is just as easily handled with elosnack (if only dropbox had a download counter)

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    • Btw, at first it looked like the new E+ patch "broke" the pointers. But not really: it's just that the executable's name has been changed from "elona.exe" to "elonaplus.exe". Once the pointers are renamed accordingly (search&replace in any text editor, it's an xml file), the pointers work again like a charm. Phew! :)

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    • I don't disagree with the category itself, but I wonder if it could be built into the statbox in addition to a listing of other bits that a NPC might have, since it's much easier to get those in ways other than personal observation now. Automatic category addition would just be tacked on to the code displaying the text along with an anchor link to the bit flag page. It's just usually better to automate the categories whenever possible, even for ones that are extremely unlikely to be changed for whatever reason.

      Also, a forum post might be a better place for something like this in the future, on the assumption that more people would see it that way.

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    • Going about doing it was kinda one thing i wasnt sure on,

      770    dark horse   
      768    ballistallion
      695    blaze lion
      694    shining silver wolf
      671    R cleaner
      668    <Garziem>
      571    padangu
      541    omega herakles
      504    <Chaos Unicorn>
      494    M Girl
      493    lazy older sister
      492    <Pascal>
      491    <Leiki>
      387    kirin
      386    giraffe
      384    <Lityou>
      383    <Reconciled cleaner>
      372    military putit
      364    older sister
      361    older sister
      3    putit
      4    red putit
      50    hound
      51    fire hound
      52    ice hound
      53    lightning hound
      54    dark hound
      55    illusion hound
      56    nerve hound
      57    poison hound
      58    sound hound
      59    nether hound
      60    chaos hound
      60    chaos hound
      164    cat
      229    lion
      165    dog
      225    <Poppy> the little dog
      166    little girl
      176    younger sister
      249    younger sister
      211    young lady
      180    twintail
      182    nurse
      345    <Kaneda Bike>
      346    cub
      263    black angel
      267    lame horse
      276    wild horse
      275    Noyel horse
      268    Yowyn horse
      277    thoroughbred horse (wild horse#2)

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  • Hey Zeo,

    I haven't checked to see if some of the numbers regarding technical details has changed or not, but so you know (in case you didn't), rnd(x) returns a number from 0 to (x-1) instead of 0 to x.

    So rnd(x+1) returns a number between 0 and x (inclusive), rnd(x+2) returns a number between 0 and x+1 (inclusive), etc.

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  • I read that you figured out a way to make the default .snack editable. If the method is reasonable, it'd be fantastic to edit that file! It could be updated to handle E+, and perhaps some existing blanks could be filled too.

    If the editable is a single text-based file, it could perhaps be posted in Pastebin, then updates could be either edited into the original, or on clones. Another possibility would be Google Docs, perhaps with the edit option either open or restricted to confirmed users.

    Just some ideas from the top of my mind. Thanks for your work! :)

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    • and it took a java decompiler to realize it was looking for a 5th value on the start line..


      cdata.s1 table and the rest at

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    • Well it be nice to hear if anyone else ever got some use off this info

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