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  • By the goddess, you've turned my draft into a ugly wall of text.

    The main page is meant to be fancy. A level of asymmetry looks pleasing to the eye and draws the eye to certain groupings so that headings become secondary, it's simply easy for the reader to remember the layout.

    So please, just think about how it actually looks before you act. The most important function of the main page is to look pretty.

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    • Collaboration doesn't have to involve yelling.

      What's more, on a wiki, where nobody gets paid, and everyone does things voluntarily for, at most, the ability to have data organized for themselves at a later date, and elsewise just because they simply enjoy participating, not driving off volunteers with yelling is kind of critical. Lines like, "Don't sit there hiding behind your pride crying foul and using it as an excuse to do nothing," don't encourage people to put up time and effort into wiki pages, it encourages doing something more enjoyable with one's time than being yelled at.

      If I were to choose to spend time working on a large sorted table, it would be because I either wanted that table for my own personal use, or because I genuinely enjoyed participating in the wiki.

      Although many Elona+ creatures are getting regular organization, the old Elona bestiary is a mess of inconsistent pages and tons of red links. Just look at hands for an example of many creatures put into a single page with little specific data. Breed power itself is flooded with red links.

      Revising the bestiary to be useful means having to fix all the red links, which takes a considerable amount of time since that also means needing to get and plug in all the statistics data. (Something I'm not even sure what process is the fastest for acquiring that data - do you use wizard mode and gene engineering?)

      Nobody's taken the time to do the thankless task of actually standardizing those pages yet, though, because it's just tedious and.. thankless.

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    • Collaboration does involve yelling and arguing and fighting, otherwise it's just a circlejerk. If somebody makes a stupid decision and nobody calls them out on it, then they will continue making the same stupid decision over and over again. Nobody learns anything and the overall result is crappier for everybody else.

      Especially when you do work intended for the public because you are going to have plenty of people sitting around saying, "It sucks and you suck" without telling you why.

      I told you that you did something wrong (not taking into account the intended audience of the Main Page), explained why (repetitive, densely packed tabled lists with little white space are unfriendly because English is stupid) and gave you an alternative (make your own sandbox or put it onto Category:Content).

      Instead of accepting what I said and doing better, you got worked up and threatened to leave (rather, to not do anything) over what amounts to spilt milk.

      Threatening to leave is one of the most mocked topics on the internet because it is incredibly egocentric and instantly loses any and all respect you may have earned. Try it in any community and the result will be the same: "Don't let the door hit you on the way out" and many communities will just outright ban you.

      However, I guess you've already figured out that you need the wiki far more than it needs you, so consider your respect restored. And I do respect what you have to say because you're the only person who's telling me what I want to hear as opposed to giving blind approval. As above, I may like jerking off but it doesn't actually help me in the slightest.

      Now, if you want to discuss details for improving the bestiary or any part of the wiki, then I'd suggest writing about it in the comments, talk pages or in a blog rather than here. I imagine you could talk to User:SiamJai directly since he's working on it.

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  • Hi, welcome to Elona Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Learning page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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