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  • Hi, I'm been playing Elona for a few years now (like 5-6 years!) and then I've met Elonaplus. However, this is the first time I've been writing a message here in Fandom; in fact, I wanted to send you a private message, but, because I'm new here and I don't know how to do so, I've decided to write here, so I hope it's no bad if I do so. So, my request is, as you can read from the title of this post, that I need the former version of Elonaplus 1.84, so I can refresh my saves, because I've used the 1.72fix version for a while, then I didn't play it very much later on, so I've forgotten to download the versions after the 1.77. I've tried to refresh my saves with 1.77, but it says the same thing, that is that I need the former version in order to refresh my game save. You may be asking that I could do so using the 1.72fix version; the problem is that the 1.72fix is in my former hard disk (I've changed it with a SSD, because I had problems with the perfomance of my PC), and I can't access it because I need an external case so I can make it as an external hard disk. The other question is, can I use the 1.72fix version in order to refresh my saves or I must have the 1.83 version? 

    I have now finished, sorry for the long post, if I may bothered you, and for my english. If you answer, please tell me where can you send me the version, and if I can text here my email or not.

    Thanks, mazzapazza.

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    • Hello there.

      Sorry for the late reply - I'm not here very often.

      I'm not sure what you mean by "refreshing your save". I have never encountered that problem before. Does your save file not work with the latest version over here? Is there an error message or something?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Here's my attempt at a translation so far.

    Make sure not to move omake 8/20, since doing so could corrupt your omake save data. To run, simply put the omake_MMA.exe into your installation folder and run. Because it's still in development, please make sure to make backups, big bro!

    Where the original text is:

    omake 8/20版が動く環境にomake_MMA.exeを入れて実行してね セーブデータの互換性に影響するような変更はしてないはずだけど 習作の段階だからバックアップ取らずに試すのは自殺行為だよお兄ちゃん!

    I was pretty liberal here, but I really wanted to try to find a way to say something about making 'backups go boom' alas. I couldn't. Tragic.

    Anyway, if you'd like I'll try my best to make slow progress down the readme and compatability list. Slowly, though.

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    • Hi, thanks for letting me know! If you'd like to help out with translation, could you please start with AA and its changelog? There's a list of stuff that needs to be translated here (it's the ones with the ⏰ mark). But if MMA is the only variant that you're interested in then go right ahead.

      Or if you're not necessarily that interested in Elona variants but are just looking for something to translate, there are also a bunch of guides and tips pages on the japanese wikis for Elona and E+ - I think you said you were interested in guides? - that we could plagiarise incorporate into our own tips page.

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    • My pleasure. My interests are my own pet project for dialogue, enhancing E+/w custom if I can, because I imagine it's the most-played variant (and I play it), and cleaning up the wiki and helping add data... Again, wherever I can. Probably in that order. Still...

      Uh, everything, really. That being said, I move at a snail's pace, and will usually only add one or two things a night.

      That order of operations log helps me out a lot, though - I'll get to trying my hand at some of the more urgent work right away. Just don't be afraid to let me know if I've mistranslated a kanji or something, or if there's a standard translation I've forgotten.

      I'm most interested in writing my own works, but I'll definitely take a look over yonder, too. More info and tips help everybody!

      Edit: Threw together a pretty rough runthrough of the changelog for AA.

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  • Would you mind if I fixed up the changelogs?

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