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Attribute Bonuses
Icon-strength.gifStr: Little 3-5 Icon-constitution.gifCon: Little 3-5 Icon-dexterity.gifDex: Slight 2-3
Icon-perception.gifPer: None 0 Icon-learning.gifLea: Little 3-5 Icon-will.gifWil: Slight 2-3
Icon-magic.gifMag: None 0 Icon-charisma.gifCha: Little 3-5
Starting Skills

Short Sword, Blunt, and Polearm
Weight Lifting
Sense Quality
Medium Armor
Magic Device

For the Elona+ fake class, see Fake classes#Merchant.
Commuting between every marketplace to conduct transactions- this is the lifeline for all merchants. They are well built to defend themselves against the constant dangers of the road. Furthermore they have become accustomed to hauling many cargo merchandises at once.

The Merchant is a non-combat class exclusive to Omake Overhaul.

Starting Equipment[]



High Charisma races like Yerles, Juere, Elea, Fairy and Sister get a head-start at merchantry and ally-gathering in comparison to other races. It can be especially useful for frail characters like the Fairy, which have to spend a lot of their time away from battles.


Lulwy of Wind increases Speed, which is a tremendously useful stat for any class, plus Perception, Bow and Crossbow which facilitate ranged combat, along with other utility skills. Her special action, Lulwy’s Trick, increases Speed dramatically for a few turns. The Wind Bow is a good but risky weapon better suited for allies (Eleas may be able to use it however), and the Black angel is a good pet mostly hindered by her bad AI.

Ehekatl of Luck increases Charisma, which is the Merchant's most used stat, plus Luck (one of the very few ways to raise this stat), Evasion, and other utility skills. The Lucky Dagger is fantastic for Dual Wielding and has the see invisible attribute, and the Black cat is a decent pet with the cFloat bit flag and the unusual ability to strengthen the artifacts of fallen enemies.

Mani of Machine is an odd choice in comparison, but does offer plenty benefits. His altar is the closest to the starting cave, allowing the player to convert almost immediately after starting. His bonuses to Dexterity, Perception and Firearms facilitate ranged combat, and his passive plus bonuses to Carpentry can be used by Merchants to create cargo to sell. The Winchester Premium is a great shotgun with a Mist of Silence invoke and curse protection attribute, but the Android is a sadly sub-par ally and the worst of the god pets.

Class Feats[]

Name Effect
Negotiator You are a good negotiator. [Negotiation potential +40%]
Apprentice Quartermaster You sometimes recieve quality supplies.
Blunt Novice You know how to wield Blunt. [Blunt DMG +5%]
Short Sword Novice You know how to wield Short Sword. [Short Sword DMG +5%]
Polearm Novice You know how to wield Polearm. [Polearm DMG +5%]