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Memorization is a learning based skill that helps you acquire additional Spell Stock from reading spellbooks.

The general formula is put in the Spell Stock page, but in general, the relevant portion of the formula to Memorization is that your memorization + 100 is the multiplier on how much spell stock you learn. (100 Memorization gives you double spell stock per reading of a spellbook for any given current amount of spell stock you have and 900 Memorization gives you ten times the standard amount.) 

In Elona+, this skill has no effect on spell stocks gained from dreams. 

Trained skill[]

You may only learn Memorization from the mages guild trainer in Lumiest.

Mutations can increase the skill level. However, if you mutate before learning the skill, the mutation will cause it to appear in your skills list at level 0 with 0% potential and you will not be able to spend platinum coins on it. You will need to learn/wish if you want to skill up in this.




  • #memoriz will increase Memorization by 1 level and train its potential.

Elona Mobile[]

In mobile, Memorize is a Will based skill.

Memorize helps you gain Magic Potential (instead of Spell Stock) from reading magic books.