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<Melugast type0> the dimension driver
580-MelugastType0TheDimensionDriver.png P045-DoctorGavela.png
Level 150 Male Machinegod Gunner
Str: 415(Hopeless) Con: 382(Hopeless) Dex: 310(Hopeless)
Per: 750(Hopeless) Lea: 342(Hopeless) Wil: 440(Hopeless)
Mag: 208(Hopeless) Cha: 243(Hopeless)
Life: 200 Mana: 80 Speed: 280
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Healing: 172(2%)
Shield: 174 (2%)
Heavy Armor: 102 (1%)
Medium Armor: 102 (1%)
Lock Picking: 97 (1%)
Light Armor: 102 (1%)
Evasion: 172 (2%)
Disarm Trap: 107 (1%)
Stealth: 102 (1%)
Marksman: 107 (1%)
Literacy: 97 (1%)
Faith: 102 (1%)
Meditation: 102 (1%)

Long Sword: 102 (1%)
Axe: 102 (1%)
Martial Arts: 177 (2%)
Scythe: 102 (1%)
Blunt: 102 (1%)
Polearm: 102 (1%)
Stave: 102 (1%)
Short Sword: 102 (1%)
Bow: 102 (1%)
Crossbow: 102 (1%)
Throwing: 102 (1%)
Firearm: 431 (3%)


Fire: Superb
Cold: Superb
Lightning: Superb
Darkness: Superb
Mind: Superb
Poison: Superb

Nether: Superb
Sound: Superb
Nerve: Superb
Chaos: Superb
Magic: No Resist

AI Routine
Reaction to Player: Friendly
Preferred Distance: 3
Movement Chance: 60%
When Below 25% HP: No Action
Basic Secondary (0%)
Ranged Attack (x5) none


This NPC only appears in the Elona+ version of Elona. He is Doctor <Gavela>'s new ride, which he uses to fly you from South Tyris to Lost Irva and back. He can be found in the Ancient Garden when you are in South Tyris, and will wait for you in Ulm-Leson while you are in Lost Irva.

He will only attack normally, almost exclusively with ranged attacks. He does not appear to have any other abilities.

He can be copied with an Astral Light Pen if the conditions are met. Because he is a machinegod he is subject to the god recruiting penalty.


The sprite number for <Melugast type0> the dimension driver is 580. It has a yellow tint. He uses Doctor <Gavela>'s portrait, located at 43 by the same sprite numbering system.