Medium Armor is a constitution based skill that gives you a PV bonus when the total weight of worn equipment is between 15.0s and 35.0s. This bonus is flat: Each point adds an invisible point of PV. Additionally, the total reduction in damage from proximity assist and interlocking shooting mechanism enchantments, are capped at this skills level of 500.

  • +1 PV while wearing medium armor per level

Just simply wearing medium equipment trains constitution very slowly for every turn that passes, depending on the attribute's potential.

Trained skill[edit | edit source]

All characters begin with 4 levels and 120% potential in Medium Armor.

Races[edit | edit source]

  • None

Classes[edit | edit source]

Wishing[edit | edit source]

  • #med will increase Medium Armor by 1 level and train its potential.

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