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Mini map of Mayne

Mayne is an Elona Mobile only location. It is located in the north, near the edge of the map, just over the snow line. And almost exactly in the middle of the map horizontally. It is above and just to the left of Truce Ground. The town icon has not been added to the world map (as of Oct. 2021) but there is a 'mountain' icon in the same location.

Some of the citizens of this town look older than their real age.


  • Innkeeper


What's unique?[]

Special Crafting Table in Mayne

A Special Crafting Table allow you to craft items including: Youth Elixir, Kagami Mochi, Mayne snowman, Snowball, Heart-shaped Uir-O.

Usable Equipment[]

Notable NPC's[]

  • <Eleanor> Mayne Lord - Quest giver. Befriending <Eleanor> is a Town Achievement.
  • <Gavin> Pianist -
  • <Hebe> Musician – Quest giver.
  • <Hilde> Rookie Scout – Quest Giver
  • <Hirsch> Deer Keeper -
  • <sherry> Girl

Side Quests in Mobile[]

See Quests (mobile) page for details.

  • Quest: Win the "Winter Combat" in Mayne x1 (Eleanor story)
  • Quest: "Hebe piano" (Hebe story)
  • Quest: Win the "Reindeer race" in Mayne x1 (Hilde story)