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Manners of Gift (more appropriately translated as Gift Giving Etiquette) is a red book added in version 1.47 of Elona+. It talks about the appropriate manner of handing gifts to other people.

Text (Translated)[]

 Gift Giving Etiquette
 	Written by a travel-loving merchant
  Ever find yourself stumped on how to give
 a gift to someone? You can't just hand it
 to them thoughtlessly, right?
  Now, while there's no need to be overly
 concerned on how you give gifts to those
 closest to you, it's important to keep in
 mind that many people care just as much
 about the presentation of a gift as they
 do the gift itself.
  In most places, proper etiquette is to
 place the gift at the feet of the other
 party - anything else is considered rude.
 Of course, such extravagant measures aren't
 needed when exchanging gifts between family.
  Be careful though, as in some places (such
 as Asseria) this manner of giving gifts is
 seen as rude. In Asseria, people are willing
 to directly accept gifts even from strangers.
  Gift giving etiquette is different everywhere.
 Whenever you're out exploring the world, you
 should always familiarize yourself with the
 local customs.