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The first step of the main quest is given to you at the beginning of the game. The mission is to go to the dungeon of Lesimas, located just southwest of Vernis, and find <Slan> the shadow of Palmia located on the third floor, who will always be near the stairs.

Slan will give a letter for <Xabi> the king of Palmia and then die, dropping a random combination of money, equipment, and a guaranteed Bejeweled Chest; very similar to a dungeon Boss.

You are then given a mission to go back to Palmia and talk to King Xabi to be rewarded with 2500GP, 3 Platinum Coins, a treasure map and a Potion of Cure Corruption. King Xabi will direct you to <Erystia> the scholar of history, just outside the King's hall, who will give you a quest to find <Karam> who was last known to be on the sixteenth floor of Lesimas and a key that unlocks the stairs to the fourth floor.

On the seventeenth floor, you will find <Karam> the lonely wolf of Karune. He will describe what has happened and then die, dropping the same type of items as Slan, but of far better quality. The stairs down are locked, so there is not much else to do but return to Palmia.

When you return, you will discover that the king has been assassinated (there is no further explanation for this). Erystia will then tell you to find the three magic stones needed to open the door located on the seventeenth floor. The three stones are located in the Tower of Fire (Danger Level 15), the Crypt of the Damned (25), and the Ancient Castle (17).

Return to Erystia when you have all 3 stones and she'll reward you with the Palmian Pride and ask you to find the Codex in Lesimas. You will then receive a key that allows you to unlock the door leading down to the final levels of Lesimas.

Traverse all the way down to the 45th floor of Lesimas and fight <Zeome> the false prophet. Once you defeat him, you will be presented with a congratulatory message and your score. You will then have finally completed the main quest.


In Elona+, after defeating <Zeome>, you will finally be able to access South Tyris. Also, <Gwen> the innocent will have grown up into <Gwen> the pitiless, and Child <Wel> will appear in Larna to sell Card packs for music tickets.

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