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Magistus is an Elona+ exclusive item. It can be obtained by crafting it using pot for fusion or wishing it.

It can be thrown like junk/furniture and invokes magic storm spell if it hits a target. It is not consumed when thrown. However, PC needs to pick up the item after throwing it.

It deals damage based on the level result when crafted which is based on combined Control Magic and Alchemy skills. Damage is affected by the Fury status.

Level Est. Damage
0 15~
200 1500-2000~
450 4500~
4000 356000~


Magistus can be crafted via pot for fusion, which the recipes name is Crystal bomb. It requires 4 Alchemy and 4 Control Magic skill levels. It also needs a mana crystal and a garbage (junk) as the ingredients.

When crafted, an additional (LV.(level)) text will be added next to the crafted magistus' name, example "a magistus(LV.209)". The level is based on the combined Control Magic and Alchemy skills. The level affects damage when thrown and hit a target.


  • magistus creates a magistus. There is no level indicated on this magistus and its damage is similar as level 0 magistus.


The item number for the magistus is 211 (Row 6, Column 13) using the character sprite zero-based position system. It has red tint.