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This page is about the Magic attribute. For details about magic in Elona, see spells and spellbooks. For the details on the element of the same name, see Elements.

Icon-magic.gif Magic is one of the most important attributes for determining your maximum MP. MP is derived from your mental attributes times character level and mana, with Magic being worth over twice as much MP as any other attribute, and being almost the only attribute that matters at all at low character levels.  

It is the dominant attribute of most offensive spells. This means that high magic scores usually result in your spells doing more dice of damage (a lightning bolt dealing 5d7 damage, or even, hypothetically, 100d7 damage, instead of just 4d7). It is also used in most debuff spells and helps overcome enemy resistance.

As such, the Magic attribute is, fittingly, the core attribute of any serious magic-user. 

Magic can be trained directly through casting spells that are related to the Magic attribute, but you also can gain a significant amount of Magic training through eating certain foods, especially fruits, which are fairly commonly available through fruit trees. Cooking them provides a greater bonus, but spam casting a spell that's related to Magic, is easy to acquire and has little delay, such as Short Teleport, as it trains Casting at the same time as it trains Magic.

In Elona+, Magic Device (and therefore Magic) determines the effects of potions - so having a high magic stat will make even cure minor potions worth using. And, drinking potions will train the magic stat. Note that throwing a potion at someone will train your magic if it hits them, and their magic if it forms a puddle and they walk onto it. It might be worthwhile to walk onto puddles left by potion-throwers if you want to train this stat.

Upon increase: "Your magic improves."

Upon decrease: "Your magic degrades."

Skills Governed by Magic[]

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