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The Machinery Fort is a six level dungeon that is part of the main quest in Elona+. It is in an area to the northeast of Arcbelc in South Tyris. The dungeon is like many other storyline dungeons in that it only has one set layout, which is the last floor. The floor contains Yerles latest outfit soldiers, Security systems, cubes, Yerles conbat planes, It is also home to the boss <Metal Vesda> the fire machine. Beating him gives you the data chip, one of the three items you need to continue the main quest.

The level is designed to look futuristic, and is set up in a circular fashion. This means, you have 2 ways you can go to get to the boss. Both directions have very similar sets of enemies, and

There are several Small medals on the last floor. Starting going around from the left:

  • The first medal is in the 2nd room away from the stairs. There are 3 floor tiles in the corners of this room that are different. The corner without the tile is where the medal is.
  • The first room above the corner room has a bunch of servers and computers in it. In the middle of the servers is a "machine" item. The medal is right on top of it.
  • In the room to the upper left, the medal is directly up the path through the middle, about 4 spaces away from the top of the map.
  • In the room to the upper right, similar to the room in the upper left. The medal is on the same middle path, but towards the southern door instead.
  • The room in the lower left has 2 different looking tiles in the lower corners. In the upper left corner of this room is the medal.
  • In the upper right part of Metal Vesda's room. The medal is two spaces right from the right computer.