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ルミエスト Rumiesuto
You see Lumiest. Murmuring of water pleasantly echos.
Region North Tyris
Location (61,32)
Music mcTown2
Filename lumiest.map

Lumiest as it appears in the map editor.


To the southeast of Palmia lies the island village Lumiest.


  • Baker
  • Fisher
  • Magic Vendor
  • Blacksmith
  • General Vendor
  • Trader
  • Innkeeper


  • Healer
  • Inn
  • Identifier
  • Informer
  • Trainer
  • Bartender

What's Unique?[]

  • Mages' Guild
  • Entire city surrounded by water.
  • Statues of Lulwy decorate the area: the statues are surrounded by water, but they are reachable after setting the surrounding squares on fire.
  • Five safes: in previous versions, made it an ideal place for Challenge and Panic quests.
  • Large number of bards: unless you're feeling generous, bring your anti-bard device (i.e. your biggest weapon).

Notable NPC's[]

Elona Mobile[]

What's unique in Mobile?[]

  • Dungeon: library (level 35)– talk to <Emma> the wizard mentor
  • Dungeon: sewer (level 25-30)
  • See also Town Achievements for town specific quests.

Usable Equipment[]

Mobile only NPCs[]

  • <Emma> the wizard mentor - When your friendship is high enough, she will give you access to the Library dungeon (Lv 35).
  • <Ryan> the mage's apprentice -

Side Quests in Mobile[]

See Quests (Mobile) page for details.

  • Quest: “Help <Renton> the suffering wizard collect storybooks”