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For the junk item, see Large bouquet.

Lovely bouquet is an Elona+ exclusive item. It was added in 1.67. It weighs 2.1s. It can be obtained by crafting it using pot for fusion.

When given to targets that are at "Fellow" or above, the lovely bouquet increases impress by seven points, indicated by the heart emoticon on the target. Targets below "Fellow" will still accept the bouquet, but there will be no increase in impress. Both display flavor text after bouquet is given, and the bouquet disappears immediately afterwards; it does not take up any space in the target's inventory.


Lovely bouquet can be crafted via pot for fusion, which the recipe name is Lovely bouquet. It requires 40 Will attribute and 10 Gardening skill level. It also requires 5 flowers of any type, as the ingredients.

Large bouquet, Anemos, Carnation, Gazania, Nerine, Sage, and Rose.


Flavor text Impress increase
Given to below Fellow "Hmm..." 0
Given to at least Fellow or above "Thank you!" +7


The item sprite ID for the lovely bouqet is 1048 (Row 31, Column 25) using the item sprite zero-based position system.