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Lost kitty
Dog Cop of Eirel asked me to take care of stray cat.
Quest giver Dog cop
Location Eirel
Rec. level 5
Requirements None
Task Bring stray cats to the dog cop
Reward Karma 10+
Slight Luck training

This quest is in the Elona+ mod of Elona.

From: <Dog Cop> in Eirel, on the South Tyris continent. He is in a house in the middle left of the town.

Reward: +10 karma boost, up to your normal limit, and either increases luck potential by 80-100% or trains luck by half a point if potential is at 300%+.

Description: Many families (cat families, probably) have been reporting their kitties missing. Dog cop has been tasked with their retrieval, so he asks the player to bring him any stray kitties they can find.

This quest is repeatable.


Stray cats are common encounters in dungeons, the wild and extermination quests. Their passive chatter makes it easy to identify if they spawn in a map. However, they spawn neutral and are rather fragile, they risk getting killed by hostile monsters (or your own pets, in Hunting quests) if they spawn in dungeons or the wilderness, so players have to be quick to find them. The only exception is in Panic! quests where they spawn hostile.

Attempting to breed them won't work, as they spawn cats instead.

Dominate spells, Rods of domination and Monster balls can be used to capture them.

They are guaranteed to spawn in both the Festival of Jure and Rain Festival. They spawn in limited numbers per chance, meaning that once the player collects all stray cats they won't respawn until next year's festival.


The following dialogue is taken from Elona Custom.

The number of kittens who become lost has increased in recent years. If you find any stray cats, please bring them to me! I can't offer you a reward. but.. I'm certain the kittens and their families would be very thankful for your help!
The parents of the stray kittens are very concerned! I hope we can bring them some relief soon...
Pat his head.
(Turn over the stray kitten.)
This kitten... yes, it's one of the ones that was reported missing! I will make sure that it reaches its parents safely. Thank you for your help! If you find any other lost kittens, please bring them to me!


  • The nature of the quest, along with Dog cop, reference to the Japanese children song Inu no Omawarisan, about a dog policeman who helps a lost kitty find her way back home.