Long Sword is a strength based weapon proficiency used when fighting with long swords.

  • +1.5 hit rate per level
  • +0.1 damage multiplier per 10 levels

List of long swords[edit | edit source]

Sprite Name Damage Notes
claymore varies basic weapon
Long sword.png
long sword varies basic weapon
katana varies basic weapon
lightsabre 2d5 basic weapon, made of ether
Precious weapons
Hiryu-To new.png
Hiryu-To 6d6+2 randomly generated
Zantetsu new.png
Zantetsu 7d7 randomly generated. As of Elona+, randomly wielded by Teachers
Diablo 4d8+8 costs 65 small medals at Miral and Garok's Workshop
Mournblade 3d13+5 wielded by <Orphe> the chaos child on level 45 of Lesimas
Ragnarok 2d18+3 wielded by <Whom dwell in the vanity> in Vernis
The claymore.png
Claymore 3d14+16 randomly wielded by silver eyed witches
Dragon Slayer.png
Dragon Slayer 3d15+20 randomly generated. As of Elona+, reward for completing the Ancient fire dragon quest.
Elona+ basic weapons
fleure varies basic weapon. Intrinsic attribute: deals lightning damage. Added in 1.88R
Elona+ precious weapons
Flame Edge 3d10+20 reward for completing the Guild Quest Level 40 for the Fighters Guild
Storm Bringer 3d11+5 wielded by <Orphe> the chaos follower on level 15 of Rehmido
Moonlight 2d16+1 randomly wielded by Yerles cyborg soldiers
Kindness Blade 8d50+32 wielded by <Blessed Jure>
Grandel 8d6+10 wielded by <Urcaguary>, doesn't drop it upon death. Also, an one-time reward for completing the Mission from knight quest
Housenka 5d10+25 wielded by <Yerleswood Neo>
I1010-The White Hawk.png
The White Hawk 2d20+12 wielded by <Vessel> the white hawk
Epeclair 1d24+3 randomly generated
ANNINDOFU LIKE A LIGHTSABRE 2d4+4 randomly generated
I64-Kalpha Hand.png
Kalpa Hand 1d60 wielded by <Mikraanesis>

Note: the Solar Cane has a lightsabre sprite but is a stave.

Trained skill[edit | edit source]

All characters begin with 4 levels and 120% potential in Long Sword.

Races[edit | edit source]

Classes[edit | edit source]

Wishing[edit | edit source]

  • #longs will increase Long Sword by 1 level and train its potential.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, #longsword will increase Long Sword by 1 level and train its potential.

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