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Lock Picking is a dexterity based skill that allows you to open locked doors and containers. Skill use is automatic. Unlocking a container requires that you be carrying a lockpick when you attempt to open it and failure may cause the pick to break.

A character without Lock Picking will have to bash down locked doors, risking paralysis, confusion, or damage to strength. Practically vital if you don't want to miss the contents of more than half of the containers you get (bejeweled chests, safes, chests etc.).

Trading for the Skeleton Key that some of your fellow adventurers may carry will increase odds of successfully opening locks.

A good way to train this skill is to wander random levels of the Puppy Cave unlocking all the doors you find. Another way is to spam the Door Creation spell and opening the resulting doors: this method also has the advantage of training magic-related skills at the same time.

Trained skill[]

You may learn Lock Picking from the trainers in Vernis and Derphy.




(Confirmed for E+. May vary in Vanilla versions.)

The effective Lock Picking skill is applied directly in lock picking calculations only when the attempted lock's difficulty level is at least twice as large or at most half of the skill level:

Lock Difficulty > 2 x Lock Picking ---> automatic failure ("The lock mechanism is beyond your skill.")
Lock Difficulty =< Lock Picking / 2 ---> automatic success ("Easy")

In every other case, first a random number is generated based on the doubled Lock Picking value, then +1 is added, and then based on this new value, another random number is generated. This final number is then compared with the lock's difficulty level, resulting in success if they're equal, or if the final number is larger: "You successfully unlock it." On the other hand, if the final random number is smaller than the lock's difficulty level, the lock picking attempt will fail: "You fail to unlock it."


  • failed attempts come with a 33% chance of losing a lockpick: "Your lockpick breaks."
  • the Skeleton Key increases effective Lock Picking by 50% + 5, applied before any lock picking calculations take place. This makes lock difficulty checks easier to pass, and a better chance of getting a high random number.


  • #lock will increase Lock Picking by 1 level and train its potential.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, #lock pickin will increase Lock Picking by 1 level and train its potential.

Elona Mobile[]

Lock Picking can be trained by serching Material Boxes, found in all types of dungeons.