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The world of Elona Mobile takes place in the land of Ilva. The mobile version of Elona mainly takes place in the region of North Tyris and a small part of South Tyris, which is ruled from Palmia by King Xabi and Queen Stersha.

World Map of North Tyris for Elona Mobile, with extra locations that are not in the ingame map.


  • Vernis: The largest coal-mining town in North Tyris.
  • Palmia: The capital of the region; take a nap on the comfy royal bed.
  • Derphy: A hive of scum and villainy; infamous for its slave market and lack of law enforcement. Location of the Thieves' Guild.
  • Lumiest: An eastern town notable for magic and the arts. Location of Mages' Guild.
  • Port Kapul: All sorts of people pass through these ports and fighters from all over gather to fight in the arena. Location of Fighters' Guild.
  • Noyel: A small village in the snowy regions. Those who have lost their way may find redemption at the church.
  • Yowyn: A small agricultural village known for the quality of its horses.
  • Mayne: A small community whose culture centers around reindeer.
  • Samuel: Also called Larna sometimes. A town located on a hill, only reachable after passing through a dungeon.
  • Lanka: A swamp town in the lower, west corner of North Tyris.
  • Tormat: A town in South Tyris, controlled by rival organized crime families.

Other areas[]

  • Beggar Cave: Your home. You can purchase skins to change the look of the home map by talking to the maid.
  • Cyber Dome: A futuristic grotto where you can buy furniture and redeem Dev 'codes'. Access to "Test Ground" dungeon.
  • The Embassy: Where you can buy deeds and furniture. Check tax and salary status.
  • Miral and Garok's Workshop: Upgrade your cart, spend Small Medal on rare items and enhance your equipment.
  • Truce Ground: A pantheon of the gods. Gives access to "Rift" dungeon.
  • The mansion of younger sister: Where younger sisters sell their special lunches.
  • North & South Tyris Jail: If you die with a status effect "Capture", you will wake up in Jail. Wait to be release or escape.
  • Ark ruins – Use Dimension Keys at the Dimension Shaker machine.
  • Abode of Witch - <Randall> will let you enchant equipment with Runes.
  • Mystic Lake - Use Escort Totem or Talk to <Cutie> God's Emissary at the Truce Ground to be teleported here to make sacrificial offerings to the gods.

Deed buildings[]

These buildings belong to you and can be placed using the appropriate deeds.

  • Farm - Allows you to grow crops from seeds.
  • Ranch - Allows you to breed creatures.
  • Resort - Allows you to store allies.
  • Arsenal - You can place some Black Star equipment here to earn passive bonuses.
  • Warehouse - Is a building where you can store items.
  • Guild camp - Allows you to interact with your player's guild.
  • Museum - Display figures dropped by monsters, has no function currently.

Random Dungeon[]

15 Random Dungeons appear on the main map. You can only enter each dungeon once, but new random dungeons respawn daily or you can reset them using Opatos Statue.

The difficulty of the dungeons are based on your highest level dungeon completed, you can kill yourself before reset to reduce the average level of the dungeons generated.

There are four types: Forest, Tower, Fort, and Cave. You can gather different types of crafting materials in each type of random dungeon.

Dungeon type Material gathering spot Skill related
Cave Rock pile

Junk Pile



Fort Small Pond

Machine Fragment


Gene Eng.

Forest Rock pile

Herb Pile



Tower Wood pile

Junk Pile



Fixed Dungeons[]

These dungeons don't ever change layout, variety of enemies, location or boss. For full details and mobs, see the Dungeons (Mobile) page.

Special Dungeons[]

Testing ground[]

  • Minimum level 30 to enter.
  • Access by talking to Research Assistant in Cyber Dome.
  • Cannot use Self-healing, healing Potions, or healing magic.
  • Rescue princess to get 4xUniversal Card.
  • Can enter 1 time per day, 3 times per week.


  • Access at Truce Ground. Talk to <Kim> Favored by the God of Wealth.
  • Collect Rift Particles to spend in Rift Shop.
  • Some events include a Special Event Rift. Special Rift Particles can be used to buy event items or converted into regular Rift Particles.
  • Open Mon & Tue, Fri & Sat.

Void Space[]

  • Access in Samuel. Talk to <Anthony> the Deputy.
  • Earn Void Stones to spend in the Void Shop.
  • Recommended Deepest Level 20 to start.
  • The floor level greatly increases every 10 floors. One boss appears on every floor.
  • Void Space can only be entered 2 times per week and stays open for 2 days.

Ark Ruins[]

  • You can spend a dimensional key to enter a random unique dungeon. Obtain keys from dungeon bosses (over LV 200) and Prophecy chests.
  • You can enter up to 10 floors in one challenge. Up to 4 times a day.
  • Kill the boss to move to the next floor. Earn gold and Platinum coins each level and there is a high level chest on floor 10.
  • Difficulty depends on the type of key. There are five types: green, blue, purple, orange and corrupted.

Subspace Gate[]

  • Access in Vernis by talking to Uncle Canine.
  • Only available during events.
  • Open for a week, you get one try every day, unused attempts will stack until the end of the event.
  • Fight one boss at a time that gets progressively stronger.
  • Bosses are the same as from the testing grounds.
  • Get rewards for each tier reached. Claim rewards at end of event or if you clear all waves.

City of Chaos (Beast, Deformity, Mecha)[]

Difficult, one room dungeons, with only a boss

  • Beast - Boss: <Frisia> the Cat Queen.
  • Deformity - Boss: <Azzessil> the impure
  • Mecha - Boss: <Ultima> the destroyer of Zanan

Material Gathering dungeons[]

In three towns you may occasionally meet randomly appearing NPCs that will give you access to these dungeons. Keep talking to these NPCs until they either refuse to talk to you or offer to tell you a secret. Ask about the secret and they will offer to sell you the secret for 10,000g. The "dungeon" is a single room, with no monsters, with several gathering spots.

Empty Warehouse[]

  • Location: Palmia. Talk (repeatedly) to a random noble. The nobles vary in appearance but always wear a hat, weapon and shield.
  • Gathering spots: Wood pile, Abandoned Machine

Gathering Fields[]

  • Location: Yowyn. Talk (repeatedly) to a random farmer. Look for NPCs with straw hats and scythes.
  • Gathering spots: Large pond, herb pile

Mysterious Cave[]

  • Location: Vernis. Talk (repeatedly) to a random miner. Look for NPCs with yellow miner hats and pickaxes.
  • Gathering spots: rock pile, large junk pile, ore pile

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