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Live in This World
855 Ssil the Undead Witch.png
I have to show Ssil [n] type card.
Quest giver <Ssil> the undead witch
Location Abode of witch
Rec. level 50
Requirements None
Task Bring cards to <Ssil>
Reward kneaded sweets of witch
other items (see below)

Live in This World is a quest exclusive to Elona+, which requires the player to add cards to their deck. Although the quest has multiple parts, their precise number is currently unknown.


<Ssil> wants to see some cards! Not just any cards will do, however--she's only interested in unique cards, ones which she's never seen before. <Ssil> initially asks you to show her 50 cards, but requests 50 more each time you complete the previous objective. Cards are not consumed upon delivery.

The quest log does not inform you when you reach the next tier requirement of cards, so it's recommended to regularly check up on <Ssil>. To make the task manageable, it is recommended that you buy card packs from child <Wel>, who will sell you one card pack containing 5 random cards for 500 Music Tickets. There are 972 possible different cards according to Bestiary (Elona+).


<Ssil> gives you a kneaded sweets of witch each time you bring her 50 unique cards. She gives an additional reward based on the total number of unique cards she's seen, which are as follows:

Cards Reward
50 10 Insight lenses
100 7 Potions of Potential
150 2 Astral Light Pens
200 3 High potions of soma
250 2 High potions of nektar
300 5 High potions of disaster
350 8 High potions of aqua sanctio
400 5 Flying Scrolls
450 2 Vials of Hermes' Blood
500 5 Treasure maps
550 4 Scrolls of Growth
600 2 Magic fruits
650 2 Hero cheese
700 3 Potions of Descent
750 2 Happy Apples