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Liches are the classic undead casters in the game. Having decent evade and packing an arsenal of spells like teleport, darkness bolt, hexes, lightning bolt, and ice bolt that they use considerably, these creatures are any melee warriors nightmare. Luckily, these creatures have fairly low hitpoints for their level.

Types of Lich[]


Able to cast teleport and Darkness Bolt spells.


Able to cast teleport and lightning bolt. Also, this creature has the Word of Death ability.

Master lich[]

An upgraded version of lich

Messenger of Death[]

An upgraded version of executioner. Instead of lightning bolt, this monster has Ice Bolt, which deters high level adventurers from using them as pets over executioners.

Demi lich[]

A further upgraded version of the lich



Uses Touch of Nerve and a Slow spell.

Ancient lich

Has access to Nightmare spell.