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lazy older sister
Level 1 Female Roran Gunner
Str: 4(Bad) Con: 8(Great) Dex: 10(Superb)
Per: 15(Superb) Lea: 12(Superb) Wil: 10(Superb)
Mag: 10(Superb) Cha: 10(Superb)
Life: 100 Mana: 80 Speed: 96
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Healing: 8 (190%)
Shield: 8 (190%)
Heavy Armor: 4 (120%)
Medium Armor: 4 (120%)
Lock Picking: 3 (115%)
Light Armor: 4 (120%)
Evasion: 8 (190%)
Disarm Trap: 5 (125%)
Stealth: 4 (120%)
Marksman: 5 (125%)
Literacy: 7 (185%)
Faith: 4 (120%)
Traveling: 3 (115%)
Meditation: 4 (120%)
Investing: 2 (110%)
Performer: 3 (115%)

Long Sword: 4 (120%)
Axe: 4 (120%)
Martial Arts: 6 (180%)
Scythe: 4 (120%)
Blunt: 4 (120%)
Polearm: 4 (120%)
Stave: 4 (120%)
Short Sword: 4 (120%)
Bow: 4 (120%)
Crossbow: 4 (120%)
Throwing: 4 (120%)
Firearm: 9 (195%)


Fire: No Resist
Cold: No Resist
Lightning: No Resist
Darkness: No Resist
Mind: No Resist
Poison: No Resist

Nether: No Resist
Sound: No Resist
Nerve: No Resist
Chaos: No Resist
Magic: No Resist

Lazy older sister is an Elona+ exclusive Roran NPC (and by that standard, the age of 14 counts as "older"). She can be added to your party by reading the Insane book and Wishing (in Japanese).

She apparently likes bossing around, because she can use the Cheer special action, a Charisma-based skill that you can get for yourself only by having the Natural Leader feat. As a Gunner, she has trained Firearm skill and makes good use of it via ranged attack.

The lazy older sister is rideable.


The lazy older sister cannot be evolved.


Flavor Text[]

Lines in italic are a rough translation of their Japanese counterpart, and are missing in-game in the English version.

Yaaaawn... 「ふぁあーあ…」
"Hey... have you seen my socks?" 「ねー、あたしの靴下知らない?」
The older sister's cowlick sways in the wind. 姉の寝癖が風に揺れている。
"It's okay, I can manage." 「まぁ、なんとかなるでしょ」
"Take that! Older sister, full power!" 「そりゃああ!姉パワー全開!」
"...Who wha?! I wasn't sleeping! I just kinda lost consciousness for a bit." 「…はっ!?ね、寝てないよ。意識飛んでただけだよ」
"Ughhh... this is impossible." 「ぐええ…無理」
"It's not me! It's my equips!" 「この装備が駄目なのよ!あたし悪くないもん!」
"Oh god, I'm scared!" 「ちょっ、やだ。こわい」
The older sister runs over to you happily... and trips. 姉が嬉しそうに駆け寄ってきた…あ。転んだ。
"Now where have you been, and how could you leave me behind like that?!" 「もう!お姉ちゃんを置いてどこ行ってたのよ!」
"Heh. How'd I do?" 「ふふん。どや?」
The older sister makes a V sign proudly. 姉はVサインを決めた。
"Gotta get serious once in a while!" 「たまには本気も見せとかないとねっ!」


  • cardzy creates a card of lazy older sister.
  • figurezy creates a figurine of lazy older sister.


The sprite number for the lazy older sister is 503.