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The layout of Larna.

Larna is a hill town located south of Lumiest. At first it appears to be located on top of an impassable hill; you must travel through the Mountain Pass dungeon (level 25) in order to reach Larna. After visiting the town once you may use Return to go back to it at any time.

The tunnel exits directly into the town and exiting the town you will find that you may not move into any of the surrounding area, so don't expect to visit any wilderness areas during your stay.

Larna is a very bare town with the local populace dressed to match. There is no item vendor, food vendor, guild hall, casino or a lot of the usual fare you are used to seeing in towns. The town does not contain a quest board, and those in town do not provide quests for you to take, hence why you never get transport or escort quests to Larna.

However they do have..

  • A souvenir vendor that sells very rare and valuable items, for rip-off prices (at 50 times normal cost), notably potions of potential which the vendor sells at 2,500,000 GP base price, recipes, material kits (when enough investments are made).
  • A dye vendor sells all sorts of dyes.
  • A wizard NPC there will cast Return on you for free.
  • A hotspring at the bottom left will lower your Sanity attribute by 1 for every tile walked through.

Elona+ Changes[]

A new NPC has been added to the town: Child Wel. He can trade the player Card packs or Potions of Speed Upper for Music Tickets. As all unique NPCs, he can be killed for his card and figurine.

The new neutral NPC Rat (which looks more like a capybara) is guaranteed to spawn in the town if visited after their inclusion in the game.

The souvenir vendor also sells scrolls of growth.

Elona Mobile[]

The town of Larna has been replaced by the town of Samuel.