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The large picnic basket is crafted through a pot for fusion. It requires a corpse, a fish, a piece of bread, an egg, a vegetable, a fruit, a large empty basket, and level 30 in cooking.

When used, it raises every stat potential of the PC and all pets by the enchant value (includes speed) with a minimum of 2%, fills everyone up to bloated, and teleports everyone towards you. It will then leave the empty basket on the ground as an item, for re-use in the Pot for Fusion recipe. The only thing that affects the enchant level of crafted picnic baskets is the cooking quality level of the food ingredients (e.g., using fish cooked into sushi gets a better enchant value than either leftover fish or uncooked fish). Your cooking skill, the enchant bonus of the food, the base value of the ingredient (e.g., tadpole vs whale), and rotten or not make no difference.

One large picnic basket can be obtained on the 10th and 20th of every month by talking to the head maid in the Maid Mansion. The ones she gives have a +7 modifier and may sometimes be blessed (cursed?). Alternatively, large empty baskets can be crafted with level 30 in tailoring using a pot for fusion, which may then be used to craft large picnic baskets.

Potential gain scales linearly with enchant value as follows:

Enchant Potential Rank SUM Imperfection Leeway*
0 5 0 (all uncooked) 54
1 N/A
2 N/A
3 17 1-5 53
4 21 6-11 48
5 25 12-17 42
6 29 18-23 36
7 33 24-29 30
8 37 30-35 24
9 41 36-41 18
10 45 42-47 12
11 49 48-53 6
12 53 54 0

*Imperfection Leeway is the sum of how how many tiers away from perfect the basket can be to achieve the given basket enchant level. Ex. Using all tier 9 foods except for one tier 5 and one tier 7 would have a shortfall of 6 (as (9-5) + (9-7) = 6), and thus would generate a basket with an enchant of 11.

The potential gained is 5+4*(Enchant Value), meaning an enchant +12 Basket would give 53% Potential. Using uncooked food results in a +0 enchant value basket. Using any cooked food, the enchant value is 3+floor(sum(food ranks)/6), with uncooked food treated as rank 0. Therefore, with any cooked food, basket enchant values can range from +3 through +12, and using 5 rank 9 foods and one rank 3 food produces the same +11 basket as using 5 rank 9 foods and one rank 8 food.

It can be used when the player is not hungry.

Blessed/Cursed status does not seem to have any effects.

Weighs 6.0s.