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"The ether plague spreads from land to land. It started in the Vindale forest and brought ruin upon the eastern country of Karune. Fortunately, the great central ocean has, to some extent, been protecting us from the winds. I can't imagine any of the countries in North Tyris would have survived that disaster..." -NPC

Karune was once a glorious nation east of North Tyris. However, it was completely devastated by the Ether Disease, which led to a wide majority of its citizens to flee the country. For example, Karam, the lone wolf of Karune, is an NPC that is encountered in the seventeenth floor of the story line dungeon Lesimas. The Vindale Forest and Karune are on the same distant landmass of Asseria separated from Irva by the Great Central Ocean.


More on the history of Karune is revealed in the opening montage when a new character is created. Long ago, early in the times when the 11th era of Sierra Terre began, the land of Irva was plagued with wars. There was a rain storm lasting for over a month, and when the downpour had ceased, the region of Karune was slowly being overtaken by the forests. These forests gave off a strange fog, and creatures would grow wild, and violent. This Elean forest had swiftly consumed the land, originating from the Vindale forest. Many refugees had to flee to the western reaches of the continent.

In contemporary history, the Western Empire of Zanan, led by their crown prince Saimore, blamed the destruction on the forests and the Elea. He launched a campaign targeting the Elea putting public attention on their immunity to the effects of the ether from the forests, and blamed them for spreading the blight and the illogical and rapid growth of their forests. He ordered the annihilation of the Elea and the Vindale forests. From his words, the entirety of Zanan and some other supporters took arms in the genocide. Violence grew again, and the Elea that did escape fled deep into the Vindale forests. Currently, there is a standoff between the Elea and the Zanan Empire.