Junk are mostly useless items found lying around map levels. The only worthwhile use for these objects is to turn them in when requested in a quest. They sell for only a few gold. Pets will refuse to carry them.

It no longer seems possible to get them blessed or cursed, they all stack now with the exception of ore pieces and tight ropes, which separate due to color as of version 1.1. Tight ropes can be blessed.

Using a Rod of Alchemy on junk will turn it into another form of junk.

Junk items are not identified through the batch identification service offered by wizards, so they do not add to the cost (in Elona+, however, junk is regularly identified and charged for).

You can also use the tight rope to hang yourself, if you feel so inclined.

In Elona+, some junk items are used as ingredients in Pot for Fusion recipes.

List of junkEdit

Sprite Name Weight Notes
I199-Animal bone
Animal bone 0.0s Produced at ranches.
Basket 0.0s
Bonfire 3.2s Can be used to safely train Pickpocket skill after arena matches; good for low-strength characters
Bone fragment
Bone fragment 0.0s Used as ingredient for Skull sword
I244-Broken sword
Broken Sword 1.0s Used as ingredient for Skull sword
Broken jar
Broken vase 0.8s Used as ingredient for Dairy Products
Bowl 0.0s
Canvas 1.1s Relatively high selling price for a junk item.
I201-Dead fish
Dead fish 0.0s Useful for making organic fertilizer. (Elona+) An offering to Ehekatl.
I206-Empty bowl
Empty bowl 0.0s
I109-Empty basket
Empty basket 0.0s Used as ingredient for large empty baskets, which in turn is used to make Large picnic baskets.
Fire wood 1.5s
Flag 1.4s
Garbage 0.8s Useful for making organic fertilizer. Also used as ingredient for Magistus. Produced at ranches.
Large bouquet 1.4s
I208-Lot of empty bottles
Lot of empty bottles 0.2s Was used as ingredient for Crim ale, but no longer needed in recent versions of E+
I209-Ore piece
Ore piece 12.0s Used as ingredient for True Skull Sword
Scarecrow 4.8s When placed in a farm, lowers the spawn rate of enemies[verify]
Shit 0.0s Useful for making organic fertilizer. Produced at ranches. In Omake, shit can now be thrown. Target hit will be affected with random status effect where quality of shit affects the number of turns its target is affected for.
Snow scarecrow
Snow scarecrow 4.8s Same as Scarecrow
Skeleton 0.0s
Straw 0.0s Useful for making organic fertilizer.
Stump 3.5s Works like a chair when placed in your home
I202-Tight rope
Tight rope 0.3s Can be used to commit suicide
Tombstone 12.0s
Washing 0.2s Used as ingredient for First aid kit
Wood piece 0.1s Used as ingredient for bottles of water, and crafting wooden furniture