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Juke box is an Elona+ exclusive item that enables the in-game playback of all music tracks without having to carry any BGM discs.

Obtaining the Juke box[]

  1. Collect 76 BGM discs (they don't have to be all different). Also you need to have 10 platinum coins.
  2. Visit Miral and Garok's Workshop and talk to Garokk the legendary smith, with the discs in your inventory.
  3. Choose "Please make a juke box", then the first option (untranslated in the English version).

Using the Juke box[]

  • Use with t, then select the desired track from the appearing list.
  • Carry it to change music at any time, but note that it weighs 16.0s.
  • The music change is permanent in static locations, just as if you activated a BGM disc, so use with caution. If you wish to restore the location's original music, consult the location's wiki-article or the Elona tracklist.