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Get Jobs from the town boards near the center of most towns. Failing jobs will give a fame penalty, and certain types also give a karma penalty. Note: Karma/ Fame penalties are copied from the PC version and may need to updated.

The time limit appears to be the number of midnight-to-midnight days, including the current one, so it's a bad idea to take speed quests just before midnight.

Note: The job quests don't show up in the Quests tab unless you switch to "Other".


For this quest, you will have to cook or buy the required item and give it to the quest giver. Failing this quest will result in fame loss. Note that rotten food will not be accepted whereas cursed food will be, although it might poison and kill the client, resulting in karma loss. [needs confirmation]

  • Meat!
  • I love bread
  • Delicious Food
  • Amazing Taste
  • Fussy Taste
  • Cooked Fruits
  • For Kids
  • Eat Fish
  • A Reception
  • Ambitious cook (Give +1 karma)
  • Dessert (Gives +1 karma)


Bring the supplied item to a specific person in another location. 20-30 karma penalty for failure. Using a Scroll of return or escape during such a quest will incur a karma penalty, but the quest will not fail. The recipient for the delivery will be marked with an exclamation point above his or her head. Check the time, before taking a delivery quest.

  • Ecologist
  • Ores
  • Stone Delivery (Gives +1 karma)
  • Valuable Delivery
  • Collector's Request (Gives +1 karma)
  • Return Books
  • Friend's Request


You have to find, buy or pickpocket the item specified in the quest description and give it to the person who posted the quest. It may be helpful to have the item beforehand, ensuring completion of the quest. The penalties for failing this quest are minor, having a small fame penalty and no karma penalty.

For pickpocket jobs, The NPC named in the posting will always have what the poster wants in their inventory. You can pickpocket or trade(?) with the NPC to get the item.

  • Claim Items
  • Birthday
  • A Gift
  • Research Materials (Gives +1 karma)
  • Love Gift (Gives +1 karma)
  • Something to learn
  • Curious Lover
  • Target Prey (Gives +1 karma)
  • I want it (Gives +1 karma)
  • Open my eyes


Kill one or more monster. Hunting quests are notable as they always give equipment as an extra reward. Gold reward scales with difficulty, equipment seems to correlate with fame and luck. If you are lucky, you can even get static artifacts, like the Bow of Vinderre. [True in PC, Needs confirmation in mobile.] New types of hunting jobs start to shows up as your Fame rises. Safes, wells, fruit trees, and food can be used, but nothing can be stolen.

  • Clearing the Forest
  • Monsters Around
  • Challenge (Gives +1 karma)
  • Panic
  • Ether Being
  • Cursed Well (Gives +1 karma)
  • Help! (Gives +1 karma)
  • Special Instructions (Gives +1 karma)

In the Hunting jobs - Clearing the Forest and Monsters Around - you will be transported to a wilderness area with multiple monsters. The goal is to defeat all of them. When they are all killed, you can leave the area to finish and get your reward from the quest giver. The quest can be failed by leaving early or dying; if you die here, the normal death penalties are not applied and you re-spawn where you left off. Failing the quest will result in fame loss.

In the Hunting jobs - Panic, Help!, Special Instructions and Cursed Well - you must kill one or more monster in a parallel universe version of the town. There may be friendly NPC to help you fight. While in the job universe, you can’t pickpocket, but you can pick up item or eat food off the ground. Other activities like minIng ore and picking herbs can be done on the first Hunting job, but take time to reset. Sometimes you can re-occupy altars (counts towards Town Achievements) and re-open safes.


Pick up crops and put them in the delivery bin. Carrying a ‘Heavy’ load trains the Weight Lifting skill, but carrying too much weight can kill you. If you have extra time, you can eat your harvest instead of submitting it. Time only passes when you are harvesting, fighting or walking, so feel free to stop and check your inventory weight. See Harvest Time (PC) page for tips.

  • Help with the Farm (Gives +1 karma)
  • Harvest Time


Bring the escorted person to a specific location without getting them killed. You may get ambushed by packs of monsters; if you do, you must defeat them all before continuing, or your client will be assassinated. 10 karma penalty for failure. Using a scroll of return or escape during such a quest will incur a karma penalty, but the quest will not fail.


When you accept this quest, you will be transported to a large room with a great amount of people semi-randomly scattered about and a few pianos, barbecue sets, casino furniture and other pieces of furniture in it (which you can try to steal if you want). It will be your job to play the pianos or your own instrument in order to entertain the people. Performing to the same NPC multiple times seems to increase the chance that they'll become pleased. See the Party Time (PC) page for tips.

  • Party Time! (Gives +1 karma)
  • Recruit Performer
  • Come on! Baby!

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